You thought your pool was high maintenance, image the pool maintenance on this giant wave pool! This may look like a giant sink plug in the middle of a pool, but this is actually Australia’s First Multi-Level Wave Pool. Thanks to Surf Lakes International, this awesome construction was built for surfers of all skill levels to enjoy.

Located near Yeppoon on Queensland’s Capricorn Coast, this giant wave creating body of water has the capacity to produce 2400 waves an hour!


But the greatest thing about this wave pool, unlike Kelly Slater’s ‘Surf Ranch’, is that this beauty can produce not just the perfect wave, but waves of all different shapes and sizes. This allows all sorts of surfers, from professionals to beginners, to have the fun of enjoying a perfect wave without having to wait hours for their shot.


Each level of waves has different names allocated, along with different colours so that everyone knows exactly where to be when they want a go. They are listed as: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert and Pro.


This is not only the first man-made wave pool in Australia, but it also the world’s first pool that produces several waves at once. This marks a revolution in the artificially created wave pools industry; not to mention a huge opportunity for people of all skill levels to have fun and push themselves to the higher levels, all in the one location.


The original design was first conceived by Aaron Trevis after he threw a rock into water and watched as the ripples slowly dispersed over the water’s surface. After the Surf Lakes team worked hard over two years, the full-scale demonstration facility was finally complete and surfers from all around the world will look on with inspiration as they witness this great achievement, an achievement for surfers of all kinds to enjoy.


Who knows, maybe Jim Penman will think about starting up a division called Jim’s Wave Pools!