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Contact Free Pool Test & Balance Service from Jim’s Pool Care

Self-isolating, can’t get to your local pool shop or shop closed?
Jim’s Pool Care is OPEN FOR BUSINESS and our mobile pool shop technicians are still on the road and servicing pools.

We also have a great new service to help pool owners who like to do a bit of work themselves, but […]

Spring is here – it is swimming pool time

Springtime is Pool Prep Time – Are You Ready for the Long Hot Summer?
Summer is right around the corner and you want to make sure your pool is sparkling clean and swim-season ready.
What could be better than diving into your own glistening clean pool on a hot summer’s day? The […]

Shutting Your Swimming Pool Down for Winter is Not Always the Best Option

You love your pool, right? It is a feature of your outdoor living area and you want it to always look its best, even through winter.
Imagine your pool glistening through those sunny winter day garden parties and just providing the pool view that you love when sitting in your sunroom […]

Jim’s Pool Care Wins in South Australia Awards

My goodness James, you have done it again, 2017 and 2018!

One of our long standing Franchisees and Franchisors in South Australia has taken out yet another award at the 2018 SPASA Awards of Excellence in SA.  James Lunnay has been in the industry for over 20- years and this Silver […]

Six Pool Items Every Pool Owner should have

By James Lunnay

I have been lucky enough to be involved in the Swimming Pool Industry for 30yrs. During this time I have worked in both Commercial Swimming Centres as a Lifeguard, Swimming Instructor and Centre Manager. I now primarily work in Domestic Pools to help Maintain and educate home users […]

Jim’s Wins NSW SPASA Awards again

Breaking Pool Care News
Jim’s Pool Care recognised at the NSW & ACT Awards of Excellence held by the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia (SPASA)
Jim’s Pool Care has been recognised for outstanding achievements in creativity, innovation and professionalism at the NSW SPASA Awards of Excellence held on 9 June […]

Every Pool Needs a Pool Cleaner

Every Pool Needs a Pool Cleaner
Article by: Clive Wilbraham (Jim’s Pool Care – Sydney North West)
There are 3 main types of automatic pool cleaner. Suction, Pressure & Robotic.
Suction Pool Cleaners
Suction cleaners like Barracudas or Kreepy Kraulys attach by a pool hose to the skimmer. When the pool runs, the suction […]

Pool Heating

It’s a beautiful spring day and you wish your pool water was warm enough to swim. Get the most out of your investment and heat your pool.
The first question to ask yourself is when do you want to use your pool? Is it to extend the swimming season or on […]

E-Series Pump

High performance pumps are not necessary for all swimming pools and spas. Most smaller pools and older pools place less stress on their many components. AstralPools has developed the E-Series pool and spa pump for these applications.

Designed with AstralPool’s robust and reliability the E-Series pump is ideal for pools and […]

Rechargeable Wireless Speaker & Underwater Light Show

Ever wanted to throw a pool party but the party stayed out of the pool? Well with this new wireless speaker and light show product you can bring the part into the pool. Play your party playlist in the pool while grooving out to the under water lights. This Speaker […]

Happy Holidays-Swimming in the Best Public Pools

How to Ensure Safe Swimming in Resort Pools!
Written by: Mike Steltenpool; Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle
It’s coming to the end of summer and most of us have had a family holiday somewhere where there was a pool. It’s the Aussie way to have our holidays.
I have many fond memories as a […]

Thinking of Closing your Pool for the off Season?

Winter Covers are perfect for leafy pools and when closing for Winter Period
Each winter pool cover is customer made for your pool!
Daisy WinterKleen pool covers are the ideal choice for pools that experience excess garden and leaf debris. These pool covers are installed over your pool so that any leaf […]