Pool cleaning is important throughout all seasons of the year, but especially during Autumn due to leaves falling from trees. All sorts of leaves can make a real mess of your pool, and they can be swept in from the wind, even from the trees outside your yard.


If leaves aren’t removed regularly and frequently, they quickly decompose. These decomposing leaves provide a food source for algae and bacteria to grow, and they sure do grow quickly. Take a look at the job below, completed by Peter from Jim’s Pool Care Currumbine. This pool had a bad case of eucalyptus leaf build up. When the eucalyptus leaves began decomposing at the bottom of the pool, the oil in the leaves caused the leaves to stick to the floor and became a haven for algae to take hold.




We can treat most green pools but sometimes they need to be drained and pressure cleaned. Please note: do not drain your pool without expert advice first.


After draining the pool, removing excess leaves, and many hours of pressure cleaning, the pool was back to its former glory! Another happy customer!


To prevent your pool from becoming like this, make sure to get those leaves out as soon as possible. One of the best ways to do this is with a Robotic Pool Cleaner, as they call be put on a 7-day timer and will run even when you’re not looking. Give us a call today 131 546, and speak to your local Jim’s Pool Care business owner to discuss an option that works for you and will also fit your budget.


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