Townsville has been hit with devasting rain and flooding which has caused hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to property. In less than two weeks, 1.4 metres of rain fell which is roughly double of what falls on London in a year. And pool owners are left with the tricky task of restoring their water levels and chemical levels, back to normal.

Here are a few tips which could help you in your recovery efforts if you ever end up with a Brown or Flooded Pool:

First Steps

  • Make sure your pool fence is still intact. If not, place appropriate barriers to prevent accidental drowning.
  • To stop mosquitos from breeding, add 20-30 litres of liquid chlorine.


Pool Inspection

  • Check the pool and surrounding area for any safety or pool equipment damages which may have been caused by the flood.
  • Be sure to organize a qualified electrician to inspect and repair any equipment or wiring that may have been damaged such as power supplies, pumps, lighting etc.
  • At Jim’s Pool Care, we have qualified pool professionals who can inspect, repair or replace any pool equipment that has been damaged. These could be anything from the pump, filter or chlorinator, to the heaters or other circulation or control equipment.
  • Empty and clean any baskets like the skimmer and filter basket.
  • Remove debris, rinse and disinfect the coping and surrounding areas of the pool including any furniture or pool toys.
  • It is very important that you do not drain the pool without advice from a licensed pool professional, especially because the ground water table in the area will be higher than normal after a flood. This is important because if the pool is drained, it is at risk of becoming ‘lifted’ from the foundation, due to ground water pressure. Another reason is because emptying a pool may also void construction warranties.


If you would like assistance in restoring your pool back to its former glory, call us today to organize an obligation free quote. We can get your pool back to normal within 3-5 days.


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