Jim’s Pool Care Cairns has hot the road with their newest team member. Mark Bignell a local business owner for many years has brought his experience to the Cairns Pool Service Team.

Jim’s Pool Care has experienced string national growth over the last 12 months. The Pool Cleaning Team in Cairns, North Queensland has needed an experienced business owner for some time and Mark has stepped up. “I am mad about providing great customer service to my pool owners and I offer a very personalised service. I will write a full pool service report and detail all pool water test results for my customers” said Mark. “I do not want their to be any doubt about what is being done for my customers to help them get their pool sparkling and to also let customers get the most swim time from their pools. Swimming Pools are a large investment and people want them to look their best, so I am happy to help”.

Mark has been a local in Cairns for many years and will also sell the full range of Pool Pumps in cairns, Salt Water Chlorinators, Pool Filters and Pool Cleaners.

So if you need a hand with your swimming pool in Cairns or some advice and help with a broken pool pump, call Mark today on 131 546 or visit www.wish-staging.net/poolcare-upgrade

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Mark is on the road servicing pools across Cairns and surrounding suburbs.