Best Pool Filters – What’s the Difference?


Which is the best pool filter to use and what exactly do they do? To put it simply, the main function of a filter is to pump pool water into the filtration system, where it passes through some kind of filter medium, and then returns it back to the pool […]

What is the Difference Between Ozone and UV Sanitizers?

The Science of Ozone

We are all aware of the fact that we need Oxygen to breath. This O2 gets pumped around our body with the help of our blood, and allows us to continue living. Now O3, otherwise known as Ozone, is quite like this O2. As you may have […]

Balance your Pool Water Chemicals the Right Way

How to Look after you pool safely with pool chemicals
Keeping the right levels of chemicals for your pool water is not just about keeping it looking crystal clear, but more importantly it’s about keeping your family safe. Unhealthy pool water is the perfect feeding ground for bacteria, viruses, algae, cloudy […]

Touch Up on Your CPR Knowledge, It May Save a Life.


Pool safety is crucial for ensuring you and your family stay safe while enjoying your pool. We all know the importance of CPR, that it can mean the difference between the life and death of a loved one. But how many of us know how to perform it? And if […]

POOL PUMP – Low Suction or No Suction


Customers often contact us worried their pump isn’t working properly or that they have suction issues. Typically pumps either work (at capacity) or stop working all together; occasionally as they get quite old they may not pump as much water as new.



There are a few things you can check. Firstly, […]

Filter Leaking or Cloudy Pool?

Cloudy Pool Water Tips
A swimming pool can go cloudy for many reasons. But here are a few quick checks for you:

Is your pool running long enough? (Should be running around 8 hours per day in summer)
Is there enough Chlorine in your pool? (Minimum 2-3PPM)
Is there enough Stabiliser […]

POOL PUMP ISSUES: Repair or Replace?


The average life of pool equipment is 5-7 years before needing to be replaced. Running for the recommended time of about 8 hours per day for 365 days per year, your pump will run for approximately 3,000 hours each year. So it’s normal for there to be wear and tear […]

POOL SOLAR: Winter Problems


Even in winter you need to think about your pool solar.  OK, you’re not swimming but you still need to maintain the solar pump and rubber solar tubes on your roof, known as the collector.


Most solar controllers will have a winter mode; usually this turns on the solar pump for […]

Cheap Chemicals Can Come at a Cost


Cheap chemicals can lead to a cloudy or out of balance pool or to premature wear that shortens the life of equipment. If you want your pool looking good and your pool equipment to last, it’s worth spending money on good quality chemicals.


This photo shows the residue from a chemical […]

Contact Free Pool Test & Balance Service from Jim’s Pool Care

Self-isolating, can’t get to your local pool shop or shop closed?
Jim’s Pool Care is OPEN FOR BUSINESS and our mobile pool shop technicians are still on the road and servicing pools.

We also have a great new service to help pool owners who like to do a bit of work themselves, but […]

Is it still safe for Jim’s Pool Care to clean my pool? YES


With so much going on in the world we thought we would touch base and YES we can still come out and service your pool.

Jim’s Pool Care technicians have always maintained the highest standards when it comes to pool cleaning health and safety practices. This new pandemic is no exception. […]

Creative Pool Care Solutions

Pool care doesn’t just mean keeping your pool clean, but can also involve keeping your pool safe. Have you ever come home to find wild animals in your pool? Does it worry you when they cannot get out or does it bug you because of the extra cleaning involved? During […]

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