Pool Heat Pumps

Pool Heat Pumps
Pool Heat pumps are not new to the swimming pool market, however the technology used in their operation has been used in air conditioning and refrigeration for many years and has been evolving with technology.

Heat pumps work like a refrigerator in reverse, using the air nearby in order […]

Spa Pool Maintenance

Spa Pool Maintenance
If you own a spa pool or hot tub, it is vital to understand that it involves a certain amount of owner maintenance to guarantee it operates properly and that the water remains clean and healthy.

The water treatment requirements for a spa pool are different from those […]

Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating
Installing solar pool heating can extend the use of your pool by up to four-6 months pending where you liv win Australia. By using the heating energy from the sun, the cost to keep your pool warm in this way is extremely economical.

The type of solar system […]

Win a Pool Guy for Summer 2017

Do you need a hand with your pool each Summer?
Well guess what, you can WIN one of our Jim’s Pool technicians who will come out and help you and your pool (up to the value of $500).  This means you could get about 4 to 6 pool services, or get […]

Do More Than Doggie-Paddle: Swimming Pool Safety for Dog Owners

When you first purchased your pool, you anticipated the risks it presented to your children. Consequently,
you carefully took the time to explain basic pool safety, and you instructed them to never use the pool
without adult supervision.

But once your kids jumped in the pool, you realised you forgot to prepare one […]

Pool Filtration – the Ins and Outs

A swimming pool must be filtered to remove any insoluble particles and to keep the water is clean and clear. Clear water is not only wanted for visual beauty but also for hygiene and safety.

The quality of your pool filtration is based on the size of the filter media and […]

Winter Pool Cleaning Tips Prevent a Green Pool

As the winter approaches we use our pools less, particularly in the southern states. However, that doesn’t mean you should shut your swimming pool down completely and let it ‘go green’. Pool Cleaning Jim’s Pool Care professionals strongly recommend that pool owners don’t turn their pool systems ‘off’ […]

Pool Tips from Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads

Ricci  from Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads loves pools […]

Controlling Pool Algae

Controlling Pool Algae
Algae is not uncommon for pool owner, but it’s not impossible to maintain and to keep your pool free of Algae if you stay on top of your pool water balance and pool equipment.

Pool Algae is a small plant growth which can take on many forms and […]

Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Seasonal Swimming Pool Maintenance
Pool owners are always looking for ways to prolong their swimming season and thanks to development of pool covers and more economical solar and gas heating alternatives. Unfortunately for the regular pool owners, the season controls the swimming timetable and during winter our pools are usually […]

Jim’s Brisbane Pool Cleaning busiest in years

This great summer that Brisbane and SE QLD pool owners have experienced has kept all our Brisbane Pool Service technicians busy. “We now have more than 20 Pool Maintenance technicians on the road to help pool owners and we did our best to ensure we got pools sparkling for Christmas” said Chris Pepper, master franchisor for Jim’s Pool Care North Brisbane.


How to Keep your pool looking its best

It is that time of year when you begin to get the pool ready for swimming…