What is the difference between salt water and chlorination pools?

The age old question when it comes to pools – which is better, salt water or chlorine?  Jim’s Pool Care can help you with some key considerations when it comes to understanding the differences.
Which is better, chlorine only or salt water?
Choosing to use either chlorine or a salt water system […]

LED Pool Light – DIY for Swimming Pool Owners

LED Pool Light Changes the Look of your yard
Do you own a pool but the pool light has not worked for some time? There is now a great range of LED pool light options available and on the market. One of Jim’s favourite pool lights is the SPA Electric Brand. […]

Summer Pool Care Tips Video

Pool startup tips for summer

Every swimming season we know that the pool is going to need some extra love and attention but what are the key things we should be doing. Why not watch this short video with hints and tips from Zodiac about opening your swimming pool for summer. […]

Getting a quote for the best Pool Service

How do I get the best pool service?

Are you shopping around getting quotes for pool maintenance or the best pool service price? What questions are you asking? Our advice is to not look at price alone. A saving of $5 or $10 per month in service call charges may cost […]

Summer Pool Maintenance Tips

Spring and Summer around Australia can heat up quite quickly and then it is swimming pool time. Have a look at the video below from one of major pool suppliers to Jim’s Pool Care, Zodiac Australia. In this video they will cover off some of the key tips around look […]

Gas Pool Heating

Gas Pool Heating

The preferred temperature for causal swimming is about 24 to 26 Celsius for exercise, 28 to 30 for games and fun and 32 for therapeutic reasons. These warmer temperatures are rare to get naturally. For most of the swimming season, the normal water temperature is usually about 22 […]

Autumn & Winter Pool Care Tips

Autumn & Winter Pool Care
Now that the peak of the pool season is over you will need to keep an eye on your water balance. This still means regular pool testing at home with a test kit to ensure you always have good chlorine levels or use a professional who […]