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Is it still safe for Jim’s Pool Care to clean my pool?


Jim’s Pool Care technicians have always maintained the highest standards when it comes to pool cleaning health and safety practices. This new pandemic is no exception. All of our Pool Care Technicians have the best hygiene practices in place, so you can be sure that you and your family are […]

Autumn is Here – What can leaves do to your pool?

Pool cleaning is important throughout all seasons of the year, but especially during Autumn due to leaves falling from trees. All sorts of leaves can make a real mess of your pool, and they can be swept in from the wind, even from the trees outside your yard.


If leaves aren’t […]

Jim’s Pool Care is now in Wollongong

Wollongong Pool Cleaning Service
Do you own a Pool in the Wollongong area?
If you own a swimming pool in the Wollongong area your life just got a whole lot easier. We have a new franchise owner in the area named Simon who loves to help pool’s shine like new again. His […]

Pool Toys and Accessories

Do you love pool toys and accessories? We do too!


Jim’s Pool Care is not just a mobile pool cleaning service, we are also a mobile pool shop on wheels! We have a wide range of fun pool toys and pool accessories to choose from, at affordable prices too. Check out […]

Daisy Pool Covers Winner

Jim’s Pool Care prides itself on teaming up with only the best suppliers in the pool care industry. Daisy Pool Covers is one of them. They not only offer the best pool covers for their customers, but provide the best in customer service at the same time. Daisy Pool Covers […]

Creative Pool Care Solutions

Pool care doesn’t just mean keeping your pool clean, but can also involve keeping your pool safe. Have you ever come home to find wild animals in your pool? Does it worry you when they cannot get out or does it bug you because of the extra cleaning involved? During […]

Save Money and Stop Evaporation – Pool Covers


How can a pool blanket save you money? Well, water evaporation can cost you in the long run, especially on your water bill. Did you know that most pools experience between 3-7mm of water loss each day? That’s 21-49mm a week, and over a few months the numbers can add […]

NEW S10 Mechanical Pool Cleaner


Are you in the market for a new pool cleaner? AstralPool have just released one of their latest models of mechanical suction cleaners called the S10. This cleaner provides an exceptional cleaning service which is well suited for most in-ground pools up to 10m x 5m. If you have a […]

Bushfires and Looking After Pools


The current bush fire emergency taking place across the East Coast of Australia has gained international attention and concern. We are now deploying Firefighters from Canada and the U.S to assist in controlling them and our thoughts go out to those who have lost and become displaced as a result […]

Video – Day on the Road with Nate


Meet Nate Seabrook, who allowed us to follow him for a day on the road to show us the in’s and out’s of being a Jim’s pool care franchise owner!



‘I’ve been in Jim’s Pool Care for nearly 2 years. Before this I was in corporate sales and marketing and a […]

Jim’s Pool Care celebrates Franchisee winners at SPASA Awards


This year Jim’s Pool Care had winners in QLD, NSW and SA. This is the third year in a row that James Lunnay from SA has taken out an award in this category. These awards reflect Excellence in Customer Service and Technical Knowledge, as well as providing Superior Customer service […]

Mount Gravatt Pool Cleaning Service


Do you own a Pool in the Mount Gravatt area?

If you own a swimming pool in the Mount Gravatt area your life just got a whole lot easier. We have a great franchise owner in the area named Anthony who loves to help pool owners. He even has a mobile […]