At Jim’s Pool Care, we know all about the importance of pools to Australians. Living in such a hot part of the world, pools play a major role in our culture and most of our childhoods are filled with fond memories of swimming in pools with friends and family.


In this new ABC documentary, narrated by Richard Roxburgh, ‘The Pool’ takes a deeper dive into this rich history of pools and how they became a defining part of our national identity. This two-part documentary series will most definitely invoke deep nostalgia and childhood memories, whilst taking a closer look at this quirky side to Australian culture.


Watch the latest episode for free here:


Let’s be proud of what makes us Aussie and celebrate the pool by taking good care of it. Even just a once off check-up can provide you with information you may never have been aware of, had you not made that call. We will not only check and balance your pool, but also educate you on good pool maintenance habits so that your children too, can grow up with fond memories of swimming in the pool with friends and family.


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