Pool care doesn’t just mean keeping your pool clean, but can also involve keeping your pool safe. Have you ever come home to find wild animals in your pool? Does it worry you when they cannot get out or does it bug you because of the extra cleaning involved? During our time helping thousands of Australian’s across the country, we have come across some pretty inventive solutions to help with this common problem. Here are a few that we would like to share with you:


flamingo in swimming pool


Flamingo’s are a great way to keep larger animals at bay, such as ducks. They scare the ducks away by showing them that this pool is already occupied. Also, notice in the above picture, on the bottom right corner, these pool owners went one step further and introduced a snake on the scene, just to be sure the ducks would be deterred. These pink flamingos come in many sizes, are also fun for the kids, and can be purchased from your local Jim’s Pool Care business owner.


Pool Safety Ramps

The next on our list is great for larger animals, such as possums, and are also really great for your pets such as cats and dogs!


animal pool ramp


This brilliant ramp is the perfect thing for any animal that has accidentally fallen into your pool. Does your dog love to swim but always gets stuck trying to find their way out? Why not try this ramp so you can finally swim with your dog without having to keep an eye on them to help them out!

dog in pool


And finally, this last ramp on our list is truly genius. That’s because it helps so many different kinds of animals and reptiles. It is a small ramp that can be placed on the side of your pool to help those little guys survive and find their way out.


Frog in pool


Anything from frogs, toads to even snakes…


snake in pool


And ducks…


Ducks in pool


We hope that these simple ideas can assist you in not only keeping your pool clean, but taking care of Australia’s natural wildlife. Do you have any cool pool solution inventions? We would love to hear from you! Send us a message on Facebook with any cool idea’s you have come across and we will include them in our next article, you can find our page here.


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