Summer may be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your outdoor area. With a spa, not only can you warm up this coming winter, but they are also a great way to relax, rejuvenate and socialise. Reward yourself after a hard day at work by relaxing in a warm spa with soothing jets massaging your muscles.


There are many different types of spas to suit any need, including portable, above ground, in ground and prefabricated styles, all with different shapes and finishes. The size of a spa can also vary from an individual spa bath for one to a spa large enough to fit 12 people. There are also swim spas available which are a popular choice to help with rehabilitation and for those wanting to stay fit.


With so many options available it is important to determine what it is you require from a spa. Perhaps you want a remedial massage, or to help with rehabilitation and muscle relaxation, or perhaps you want to increase your social activity by enjoying your spa with family and friends? Whatever your needs, there is a spa for you.


Some different types of spas are:


Prefabricated spas are made using composite materials and come in a large range of styles and seating arrangements, including laid back seating and beds. These spas also offer a wide variety of jet configurations from basic to remedial. They can also be integrated into your backyard or can be portable.


Concrete spas can be installed in ground or partially out of ground or integrated with your pool. It can also be built to your specifications in any size, shape, and style you require.


Another option is a fibreglass spa which can be integrated with your fibreglass pool, giving you the benefit of having a separate body of water to warm up and relax in. Also, there has been huge growth in the Plunge Pool and Swim Spa market. Swim Spas can come in lengths from 4.4 up to 6 metres in length.




Spas shouldn’t just be something we use while on holidays but something to be enjoyed in our own backyards. When deciding to buy a spa it is important to look at your space, power, position, access, and fencing needs. To get the best spa to suit your needs please contact your local spa professional.


To get the best spa or swim spa to suit your needs please contact your local spa professional. There is such a huge range of prices and options and you need to ensure you have all the extra costs considered such as a slab and electricity connection.  You could visit a Spa manufacturer or dealer such as Oasis Spas.


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