Are you having problems with your pool water being regularly cloudy or, after backwashing & rinsing the filter, that fine dust or dirt returns to you pool?  There’s only so much the filter can hold or be cleaned; it may be time to think about changing the media (e.g., sand, zeolite, or glass).




We recommend that pool owners change the media in their filters every 5-7 years.  The role of the filter is to trap fine particles between the grains of sand or glass.  Even with backwashing & rinsing on a regular basis, dirt moves through the media and gets trapped in the filter.


There are some chemical treatments which work in the short term to clean the filter but often replacing the media is the more effective solution.


Chlorine from the pool water can make parts in the filter brittle.  If the filter is old and there are also leaks around the filter or to the waste line, then you should consider whether it is a better option to replace the entire filter and media at the same time.  Then everything is new and you have new warranty.


Our Jim’s Pool Care technicians can come and look at your filter issue and advise you on the best solution.


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