When you own a pool, you want to spend as much of your precious free time as possible enjoying it. That’s
why you hired a pool care company for worry-free maintenance, as you spend a lot of weekend time in the

One way to maximise your enjoyment and create amazing memories is to add some fun pool accessories into
the mix. You can find a variety of toys and useful items to fit your needs. Check out the following items for

In-Pool Bar Stools

The best thing about a swimming pool is that it’s a great backdrop for many fun activities. Whether you
have children who like to play games or adult friends who come over for holiday barbeques, your pool acts as
an endless source of entertainment for all ages.

Step it up a notch and buy bar stools specifically designed for in-pool lounging. These stools sit firmly
in the water so you can comfortably drink wine, read a magazine or chat with poolside friends. For an adults only
party, you can create your own self-serve minibar at the pool’s edge with drinks and a few stools.

Floating LED Lights

The party doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. If your backyard has a fire pit, lounge furniture
or an impressive volleyball net, you can keep partying into the wee hours of the night with your friends.
Create some ambiance and add floating LED lights to your pool. They’ll give off fun, soft light and add some
colour to your festive party.

You might also be able to find floating solar lights that glean power from simply sitting in the pool. If
you don’t use your pool too often, you can keep these orbs in the water and they’ll
charge themselves.

Stationary Water Filter

This next item is admittedly more useful than fun. You know that owning a pool comes with responsibilities
to clean and maintain filters and water pH. Even if you hired a pool company to do this for you, you’ll
probably still want to screen the pool from bugs and debris right before an impromptu pool party.

You can eliminate this last-minute chore by installing a stationary water screen that filters debris for
you. You’ll spend more time in the water and less time cleaning it.

Floating Putting Green

If your family or friends have used up all of your pool toys, impress them with an exciting new one. Bring
in a floating putting green that bobs around the water. You’ll improve your golf game with this slowly moving
target, and your friends will enjoy the challenge.

Inflatable Floating Movie Screen

Repurpose your pool into a night-time entertainment space. Large inflatable floating movie screens blow up
into a perfect backdrop to project a movie onto. These movie screens create memorable fun for a family
reunion, a child’s birthday sleepover or a late summer barbeque.

The best part is that the screen deflates into a compact size and comes with weights and ties to keep it
anchored while blown up. It’s easy to store and set up.

Rover Ramp

When the whole family is outside enjoying the hot Australian sun, your dog probably wants to play, too. If
your dog is too old or small to jump in and out of the pool, you can make their pool time more enjoyable with
a doggie ramp. This ramp lets them easily walk in and out of the pool without fear of falling or getting


With these fun and useful pool accessories, you can spend more time enjoying your pool. Team up with a
pool maintenance company to keep your pool water safe and healthy for your guests. A clean pool and fun toys
will make any party even more enjoyable.