Did you know that Australia builds some of the best pools and spas in the world? That shouldn’t be too surprising after considering our hot, close to the equator climate. The pool is a hallmark of Australian culture, with beautiful beaches a close second. That is why we build some of the most unique and beautiful pools and spas in the world. Many of the award-winning pool designs you will find in this article have been celebrated not just nationally, but also internationally. These pool designs were all awarded medals at the recent SPASA Australia Annual Awards. Here in Australia in particular, we are fortunate to have a number of talented and dedicated pool builders, suppliers and designers.


If you have ever considered giving your pool a make-over, these pool designs are sure to inspire and motivate you.


Infinity Pool Plus Above Water-level Spa

Winner of SPASA WA – Pool of the Year
Designed by – Reflections Pool and Spa






Infinity Pool With Spa and View

Winner of SPASA Australia – Concrete Pool up to $100,000
Designed by – Sanctum Pools







Modern and Style

Winner of SPASA Australia – Concrete Pool over $100,000
Designed by – Aquastone Pools and Landscapes








Your Very Own Private Resort

Runner up of SPASA Australia – Concrete Pool over $100,000
Designed by – Distinctive Pools






Eye Catching with all the Features

Runner up of SPASA Australia – Fibreglass Pool over $60,000
Designed by – Barrier Reef Pools




Find out more about the other SPASA Award winners here: http://awards.spasa.com.au/winners/national/


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