Anthony from Jim’s Pool Care Mount Gravatt, recently received a call for a particularly bad green pool. This green colour in the pool is caused from algae, and algae grows particularly fast, it doubles it’s weight every hour! And algae only needs a few things to grow. Besides sunshine and CO2, it also feeds off debris from nearby plants and also bacteria from rain. Here is a before shot:


Before and After1


Here is what Anthony told us about this job: ‘Got called to a house where renters became squatters and decided to give up on all things ‘maintenance’ and the pool was one of the victims. The pool had massive amounts of tree foliage on the floor amongst other things. After scooping the pool to try and remove what I could of the debris, I treated it with my usual green pool formula of chemicals.’


Before and After2


‘The pool responded poorly and the flocculant wasn’t successful so I tried a different approach and used Alum Salts. Pool responded a lot better and with a clarifier and a lot of filtering cleared right up and was able to be vacuumed to waste. Chemicals then added to balance pool and the results speak for themselves!’


Great Outcome1


This result truly is amazing, it doesn’t look like the same backyard! It is inspiring to see just how much a difference a pool can make to the overall appearance of a backyard. A great reminder to keep your pool chemicals checked and balanced often, not just for health and safety, but also to keep your backyard looking like a resort, a place to relax and let go of the stresses of the day.


If you ever need help with a Green Pool Recover, give us a call on 131 546 and we can recover your pool within days!