Has Your Pool Turned and Unsightly Green. Get it Clean Fast with Jim’s Pool Care

Green Pool Recovery Services

Jim’s Pool Care has the Trained Experts to Get Rid of Algae and Turn Your Pool from Green to Clean in No Time

Algae is a term for microscopic, single cell plants that can be found virtually anywhere, but the one place you never want it to appear is in your swimming pool or spa. Jim’s Pool Care algae experts are fast to the rescue and have everything on-board to turn your pool from obscene green to gleaming clean – there’s no need to go in search of chemicals or anything else to clean up your pool, Jim’s pool cleaning service will bring everything to you.

Pool Algae Grows Fast, But Jim’s Pool Care Can Act Just as Quickly

So you woke up this morning to be greeted by a green swimming pool – an overnight sensation you didn’t invite to share your pool. Jim’s pool cleaning service will be there in a flash to get to the cause of the problem quickly. Bacteria is found everywhere and some can be harmful to your family. Jim’s pool cleaning service will ensure your pool water is brought back to its optimum with just the right balance of pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, chlorine, acid, copper, iron and phosphate.

The Fault Could Be with Your Equipment

A faulty pump could be the root of the cause or your water filter may have given up. Perhaps you have not been running your pump for long enough, or of course your chemicals may not be correctly balanced or may even be non-existent. Algae loves a warm climate so if you are living in tropical or sub-tropical zones, you need to keep a careful balance of chemicals filtering through your pool to keep the algae at bay.

Not All Bad Pool Algae is Green

Black Spot Algae can be a real pest in your swimming pool and spa as it is immune to chlorine. What to do? Jim’s Pool Care can show you the best way to treat Black Spot Algae and will happily take care of this troublemaker for you. Black Spot Algae can cling to pool surfaces and particularly hard to clean spots like grouting and pebbles. The real trick with Black Spot Algae is to prevent it from coming back – and Jim’s Pool Care experts can advise you on exactly how to do this.

Jim’s pool care specialists get rid of Mustard Algae too

This pesky problem loves those shady areas of your pool. Make sure the pH level of your pool is properly balanced and the right level of chemicals added.  Better still, call in Jim’s Pool Care to get rid of Mustard Algae and have your pool safe and ready for family and friends to enjoy all season long.

No matter what algae problem you have with your pool – Green, Black Spot or Mustard – Jim’s Pool Care will make sure your pool is always clean and ready to splash around in safely.

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