How do you get a pool from green to blue in just 3 days?


Here are a few photos of the green pool recovery from Jim’s Pool Care Birkdale and Thornlands.


On Wednesday, the Jim’s Pool Care boys drained and cleaned the green pool as it was draining. This took 5 about hours, including a full gurney with a high pressure cleaner and removing all pool algae from the pool surface.  They removed all the remaining debris and they then put the hose in the pool to fill up with fresh water.


By Friday, the cleaned pool was filled with water enough to add salt, stabiliser and pool chlorine. They also installed new pool pump and salt water chlorinator.


When Saturday came around, all that was needed was a quick pool vacuum and it was ready to be handed over to the very happy customer who can now go back to those happy days of enjoying time by the pool!


If your pool pump is not sounding the best or is not pumping or in need of repair, then give us a call and we will do our best to help. Just so you know, we use the latest swimming pool technology when servicing pools in Australia. This means you will receive accurate pool water test results and only get the pool chemicals added that are required. Best of all, Jim’s Pool Care is very reasonably priced and as always, we offer our pool care customer satisfaction guarantee.


So, if you want fast response pool service then please give us a call on phone: 131 546


Have a swimming day!


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