Running the pool pump each day is not just good practice for the summer months, it’s great all year round. The reason for this is that it helps to prevent algae build-up and keeps your pool clean, even when you’re not using it.


There are two main functions which a pool pump performs, filtering dirt and debris and assisting in circulating chlorine. Therefore, you should have your pool pump running every day, as algae double its weight every hour, so it can bloom quite quickly. But not only does it need to run every day, it needs to be run for long enough to thoroughly clean and chlorinate the entire pool. To be sure you can achieve this, we recommend running pool pumps in Australia and New Zealand, for approximately:


8-10 hours per day in summer

4-6 hours per day in winter


Another way to calculate the optimal time to leave your pool pump on for, is to aim for one complete turn over of the pools volume in 4-6 hours (for residential pools). If you have calculated the turnover time for your pool pump, and it comes to longer than 6 hours, it would mean that the flow rate is too low for your pool. This is not good result, and we would highly recommend looking at fixing this issue as it is likely to cause further issues down the line such as persistent algae.


pool pump running time


When calculating the turnover time for your pool water, one key factor you will need to know is the volume of the pool. This can be easily calculated by multiplying the length x width x depth of the pool. Once you have this figure, its quite easy to work out the minimum hours it needs to run by comparing it with the output of your pump. As an example, let’s say you have a 70,000-litre pool with a pool pump running at around 210 litres per minute, this means the pump should be run for 333 minutes a day (or 5-6 hours a day). The equation is: 70,000/210 litres per minute = 5-6hours


This information is going to greatly assist you in the long run, as it is key to keeping your water crystal-clear all year round. But not only does it leave the water sparkling, it will also save you money in the long run on maintenance and repair costs. If you are concerned about the cost on your energy bills, we would highly recommend having a look at a variable speed pump, as it allows you to run your pump for longer and save you money at the same time.


If you need any help with your pool pump, or you would like assistance with working out the best maintenance practices for your pump/pool, give us a call today on 131 546.


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