Daisy Pool Cover and Blanket

Jim’s Pool Care provides FREE ONSITE QUOTES for Pool Blankets, Leaf Covers and Pool Blanket Rollers.  We custom measure each pool and discuss the benefits of the various options  to ensure you get a pool blanket or cover that meets your needs and suits your pool.

When it comes to pool blankets and rollers Jim’s Pool Care has done the research and we only use Daisy Pool Covers.

How to Install a Pool Cover, Pool Blanket and Pool Roller

A Daisy Pool Cover can save up to 10,000 litres per month. And water saving at the moment is more important than ever. In fact the average size pool can lose one and a half times the total volume during the year. A Daisy Pool Cover that’s fitted and installed correctly means you get maximum benefit.

When getting a Pool Cover FREE ONSITE QUOTE remember to ask if you want the pool blanket and roller installed by Jim’s Pool Care for an additional installation fee.