Pool Covers are beneficial for your pool for a whole number of reasons. The most obvious being that they keep the leaves from falling in, but many people don’t know that there are other benefits to having a Pool Cover. Not only do they keep your pool clean, but they also keep heat locked in so you can use your pool for longer periods during the year. They also save you on water costs as they stop the water from evaporating due to the sun. But many people also don’t know how easy they can be to install yourself, all you’ll need is a good pair of scissors! And with a Daisy Pool Cover, they’ve made things even easier for you.


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Step 1

Pull out the cover from the box and ensure it remains rolled up.


Step 2

Lay the rolled up cover at one end of the pool and remove the tape.


Step 3

Ensuring the bubbles are facing down, roll out the cover and fold out to ensure the pool is covered with no air bubbles or pockets visible.


Step 4

Grab a pair of sharp household scissors. Use the pool as a template while someone holds the pool cover in place.


Step 5

Cut the edge of the cover so that it fits the pool as you like.


And it’s as simple as that! Here are some easy guided videos that show you the steps from start to finish, including setting up your Pool Cover Roller:





Not only do Daisy Pool Covers have help available to complete the installation, but here at Jim’s Pool Care we can also assist you with the installation or even just take care of it for you! Give us a call today on 131 546 and we can organize the perfect Pool Cover for your pool. Or visit Daisy Pool Covers here to find out more.


pool equipment online advice