Pool Cleaning, Balancing and Stain Treatments with Hydrochloric Acid

WARNING: Hydrochloric Acid is a dangerous chemical.  Please ensure you follow all manufacturers handling instructions when using ut.


Winter may seem like an unnecessary time to look after your pool, but now is the best time to keep it up to date and get rid of those pool stains and spots which can build up quickly over summer. One solution can be using a Hydrochloric acid solution to remove those stains and buildup from plaster and concrete pools.  This is one method to get it clean again before the heat starts rolling back around in Spring and the pool is in full use. Regular dosing of Acid is also a fantastic way to keep the pH balance in your pool at the correct levels all year round which can also prevent or reduce the change of staining and calcium buildups, keeping it clear and blue all year round with minimal effort from you.


Step 1 – Test your pool


It is always best practice to test your pool before you begin adding any chemicals into the water. This gives you a good understanding of the current pH levels and other chemicals in your pool, ensuring that you do not add too much of anything to cause an unbalance of those levels. If your pH levels are too low, it is probably not a good idea to add more acid into your pool as it is already acidic.


Step 2 – Get Acid Ready


Not only do you need to correctly prepare the acid before adding it to the pool, but you also need to correctly prepare yourself with the right protective gear. It is a good idea to wear some protective gloves and goggles to ensure that any accidental splash back doesn’t harm your eyes or skin; make sure to keep the protective gear on during the entire process. It is a good idea to wear protective clothing too as the acid can also damage your good clothes!


Now that you have identified the area you want to treat, it is time to get the acid ready. Start by filling a bucket with clean water. Don’t forget to be aware of exactly how much water is in the bucket before you start mixing in your Hydrochloric acid. Next, measure out the correct levels of the Hydrochloric acid (according to your current pH levels), if you are unsure of this, read the instructions on the bottle or contact your local Jim’s Pool Care expert to help you out if needed. As a little tip, always add the Acid to the water not the Acid first.


Step 3 – Add the Acid


Turn your pool filter on and start slowly adding the bucket of water containing the acid mix, into the pool. By slowly pouring the water into the pool, down the pool walls and steps and then make your way around the entire pool by walking carefully close to the edge. In this way, you are spreading the acid evening around the areas of your pool as you pass by them. Try to end up at the deep end of your pool, adding the remainder into this deeper section so that it will spread evenly.


Do not use your pool for at least 60 minutes after you have added the Hydrochloric acid, and always be sure to take another sample of your pool water about 2-4 hours after the treatment. This will allow you to weigh up the effects of the treatment and see if more acid is necessary to bring that pH level back up to normal.


If you are ever unsure of this procedure or would just rather a pool expert take care of it for you, give your local Jim’s Pool Care technician a call and we can do a test of your pool and balance out all of the levels, ensuring that your pool is always in the safest condition for you and your family. Regular balancing of your pH with Acid to a level between 7.4 and 7.6 will reduce chances of staining over time.


Note: you can also purchase special Pool Stain Treatments. Just ask your locals Jim’s Pool Care Technician.


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