With the warmer days already at our doorstep, now may be the best time to start looking at a Pool Cleaning Robot, and what better place to start than the very latest in technology? Introducing the New Active X6 Jim’s Pool Cleaning Robot by Maytronics! Pool Cleaning Robots can save you time and convenience, as they make it super-easy to look after your swimming pool. Keeping your pool clean and ready for fun has never been so easy with minimum effort and hassle. If you’re looking for the best in Robot Cleaners, you can trust the experts at Jim’s Pool Care!




Powerful Performance – Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner


This top-of-the-line Robot Pool Cleaner is optimised for water filtration and total cleaning, using a gyroscopic navigation system, it provides full cleaning coverage for your pool.


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Check out this video to see for yourself, this advanced wall cleaning technology:



Easy to Use Pool Robot


Not only is the Active X6 the easiest and most efficient way to keep your pool clean, it is also the most economical solution!


Get Your Partner, Mum or Dad, the Perfect Gift for Christmas




Check out the video below to see just how easy it is to access the Jim’s Pool Robot’s basket:



Peace of Mind


With the knowledge that you’re using the best-selling and smartest Robot Pool Cleaner on the market, you can relax and enjoy your pool with peace of mind.


Wi-Fi Connectivity


What to stay connected and in control of your little pool robot helper? It’s never been easier when you download the MyDolphinTM Plus app! You can control your robot via Wi-Fi just with the touch of a button.


World’s First Climate Care Certified Pool Cleaner

  • Save $350 a year, reduced energy consumption by 83%.
  • Enjoy a 60 – 80% water wastage reduction from backwashes.
  • Less backwashing uses less chemicals.


If you’re interested in not only cutting down the time you spend cleaning your swimming pool, but also the costs, then look no further, Jim’s Robotic Cleaner is the best option for you. This solution is a great investment for your pool, especially as we jump straight into the swimming season. Feel rest assured that your pool is always swim ready with the new Active X6 Jim’s Pool Cleaning Robot by Maytronics!




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