Jim Penman explains to us that the best advice, is that the service industry is the way to go. Many people think that society is losing the middle area of income owners; that we have all the higher professions like your lawyers, doctors and educators, and then you have the lower area with those on a base wage. But in fact, there is a massive middle area with huge potential, which is where the service industries go. Anyone in the services industry, whether you are a gardener or cleaner, should be making at least an average income. If they are not then they are doing something wrong. And it does not require a lot of education. What it does require is character and hard work and determination. And the other thing as well is that if you go into the higher income areas, there is a lot of competition. As compared, the service industry is not competitive at all. In fact, it is crying out for people who do great service. Last year within the Jim’s Group, they had to knock back 180 000 leads, this year we’ll probably knock back 200 000. That means that one out of every four people that contacted us, we could not help because we simply don’t have enough people. And we are growing, but we simply can’t find enough people with the right calibre, the right character, the right customer service, to do it.