Wow, did you hear about Jim’s NEW Pool Care Robot by Dolphin?


These amazing little pool robots are now available from your local Jim’s Pool Care Mobile Pool Shop. Call today for a free demonstration!


This is a very hardworking machine which will clean the pool floor, wall and tile line of your pool. It also comes with a 7-day timer and a 2 Year Warranty so you can be sure that your swimming pool will stay clean all year round!

Jim’s Robot by Dolphin Maytronics: $1990.00

Robotic Pool Cleaner of the Month

Jim’s Exclusive Robotic Pool Cleaner by Dolphin

This amazing Robotic Pool Cleaner is available form your local Jim’s Pool Care Mobile Pool Shop

Ideal Pool Length 12m in length
Cleaning Coverage Floor, Wall, Waterline
Mobility System Power Stream
Cable Length 15m
Weight 7.5kg
Filtration Ultra-fine cartridge filtration
Power Supply On/Off Weekly timer
Warranty 24 Months (LIMITED)


Upgrade to include a Caddy Stand: $290.00

pool robot caddy

Benefits of a pool cleaner

Everyday we have customers asking about pool cleaners. We think they are a must for most pools so that you are always collecting leaves and removing dust and fine particles from your pool, however, not all Pool Cleaners suit all pools.


We regularly hear about customer purchasing a cheap G2 Baracuda Pool Cleaner Rip off or Cheap unbranded Kreepy Krauly that has then caused them headaches. While cheap does not always mean nasty, the problem is usually selecting the right pool cleaner vacuum device that suits your pool.


If you want the best pool cleaner for your pool then we have access to an entire market place of automatic and robot pool cleaners that we can recommend. All you need to do is ask by giving one of our local Franchisees a call on 131 546. Don’t risk it, get some help. Or ask for a FREE demo on our NEW Jim’s Robotic Pool Cleaner by Dolphin.


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