A Guide to Pool Fencing Safety

The backyard swimming pool is a way of life in Australia and reflects our passion for an outdoors lifestyle. It is a symbol of fun, recreation, family and exercise in many of our homes today.  However, it is a sad reality that the most common cause of death for Australian […]

North Rocks Pool Service Ready to Help Pool Owners

Great News for pool owners in the North Rocks area
Breaking Pool Care News: Sydney now Jim’s Pool care North Rocks Mobile Pool Shop on the road each day and ready to help.

Ibrahim can help with the full range of pool servicing, regular pool maintenance, pool pumps and green pool recoveries. […]

Jim’s Pool Care Bonnyrigg Heights

Bonnyrigg Heights Pool Care and Surrounding Suburbs
If you are after fast response pool care, we have a great Pool Owner in Bonnyrigg Heights and surrounding suburbs for you right now. George is a great local Pool Care Technician.  George is a passionate local business owner who is ready to help […]

Thinking of Becoming Your Own Boss?


Buying a business for sale is an exciting time but you also need to do your research.  We have created a series of videos where we had Tony Meredith of TMC Business Coaching, ask some Jim’s Pool Care franchise owners some great questions about buying a business, getting into a […]

Best Pool Filters – What’s the Difference?


Which is the best pool filter to use and what exactly do they do? To put it simply, the main function of a filter is to pump pool water into the filtration system, where it passes through some kind of filter medium, and then returns it back to the pool […]

How long should I run the pool pump for each day?


Running the pool pump each day is not just good practice for the summer months, it’s great all year round. The reason for this is that it helps to prevent algae build-up and keeps your pool clean, even when you’re not using it.


There are two main functions which a pool […]

Fast Recovery – Green to Blue


When we get called to a job, we really don’t know what to expect. Sometimes when we arrive, we don’t see a pool at all, but more like lagoon or deep forest lake. This job was no exception, with the deep green caused by the surrounding trees, it could easily […]

What is the Difference Between Ozone and UV Sanitizers?

The Science of Ozone

We are all aware of the fact that we need Oxygen to breath. This O2 gets pumped around our body with the help of our blood, and allows us to continue living. Now O3, otherwise known as Ozone, is quite like this O2. As you may have […]

Green Pool Recover – Before and After

Anthony from Jim’s Pool Care Mount Gravatt, recently received a call for a particularly bad green pool. This green colour in the pool is caused from algae, and algae grows particularly fast, it doubles it’s weight every hour! And algae only needs a few things to grow. Besides sunshine and […]

Annual Christmas Function – Jim’s Pool Care Western Australia


The Jim’s Pool Care team in Western Australia recently had their annual Christmas function at the Blasta Brewery on Saturday the 5th of December in Burswood. Joining us at this event was our Franchisees and their partners, along with Fluidra representatives Kerstin, Gavin and Sam.



Fluidra supported the event with a […]

Chris Newman – Best “In-Field Service Technician” in Australia


At Jim’s Pool Care, we are always looking to celebrate our Franchisee’s in every way we can. They’re dedication to their customers and hard work is something which deserves to be rewarded. In the Pool Service Industry, there are quite a few award ceremonies that take place throughout the year […]

Balance your Pool Water Chemicals the Right Way

How to Look after you pool safely with pool chemicals
Keeping the right levels of chemicals for your pool water is not just about keeping it looking crystal clear, but more importantly it’s about keeping your family safe. Unhealthy pool water is the perfect feeding ground for bacteria, viruses, algae, cloudy […]

Pool Cleaning Service Now in Merrylands

Do you need a Pool Cleaning Service in the Merrylands area?

If you own a swimming pool in the Merrylands area then do we have good news for you. We have a new franchise owner in the area named Ali who loves to help pool’s regain that crystal clear blue water. […]

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