POOL PUMP ISSUES: Repair or Replace?


The average life of pool equipment is 5-7 years before needing to be replaced. Running for the recommended time of about 8 hours per day for 365 days per year, your pump will run for approximately 3,000 hours each year. So it’s normal for there to be wear and tear […]

POOL SOLAR: Winter Problems


Even in winter you need to think about your pool solar.  OK, you’re not swimming but you still need to maintain the solar pump and rubber solar tubes on your roof, known as the collector.


Most solar controllers will have a winter mode; usually this turns on the solar pump for […]

Cheap Chemicals Can Come at a Cost


Cheap chemicals can lead to a cloudy or out of balance pool or to premature wear that shortens the life of equipment. If you want your pool looking good and your pool equipment to last, it’s worth spending money on good quality chemicals.


This photo shows the residue from a chemical […]

Pool Heating – Is It Worth It?

How much swimming pool time do you want and at what temperature?
Pool heating may seem like an expensive add-on to enjoy your pool a little bit longer each year, however if you have been swimming in a heated pool before, you know that it is quite an enjoyable experience. To […]

10 Different Ways to Design your Pool area


Pool area designs can come in many different shapes and styles. Depending on your budget, size and backyard setting, you have a few different styles to choose from. Let’s look at 10 of some of the most popular designs for your backyard swimming pool space:


Organic Setting



This pool looks like […]

Stay Connected with Blue Connect Pool Monitor

Pool Water Testing every hour of the day
At Jim’s Pool Care, we are always looking for new ways to help our customers get the best quality water available with the latest technologies. Pool care doesn’t just mean cleaning a pool, to us it means keeping our customers informed and giving […]

New Pool Care Technology – What is Ozone Swim?


At Jim’s Pool Care, we are always looking out for new technology which will benefit our clients. Maytronics has introduced one such technology, which provides an exciting new element to your everyday swimming experience. This new technology is called ‘Ozone Swim’, and provides water purification giving you a water quality […]

What Safety Means to Us

At Jim’s Pool Care, we are not only mobile pool care technicians on the road, but our vehicles are also mobile pool shops.


You may have seen our vehicles driving around your suburbs, and you may have wondered what we have locked up inside. As you can imagine, our mobile pool […]

Why should I use a Glass Media Filter instead of Sand?


Glass media filters offer many benefits to your everyday pool experience and makes a compelling case for changing over from sand to glass. What may seem like quite the investment to begin with can, in the long run, save you money, making it an investment which will pay off in […]

How did this in-ground pool end up as an above ground pool?

Draining your swimming pool? Be Careful!
*If your swimming pool is green or in need of a clean up do not drain it as your first option, Jim’s Pool Care can help.

In this article, we are going to break down a couple of things to understand about swimming pools, to ensure […]

Worst Green Pool Ever?


Sometimes Jim’s Pool Care gets an interesting green pool recovery project like this one.  Can you imagine our local Jim’s Pool Care Franchisee when he arrived? (We almost suggested Jim’s Mowing to start with!). We found out that the customer had been using their swimming pool as an aquarium and […]

Jim’s Group New Slogan – Your Local Expert

The Jim’s Group is one of the most well-known franchise systems in Australia and you may not know this, but it is also the biggest franchise group in the Southern Hemisphere. This dynamic and ever-growing franchise system did not just become successful for no reason. The simple reason is because […]