LED Pool Light Changes the Look of your yard

Do you own a pool but the pool light has not worked for some time? There is now a great range of LED pool light options available and on the market. One of Jim’s favourite pool lights is the SPA Electric Brand. They make a great “Retrofit” LED pool light that is so easy to install. Watch the attached LED Pool Light installation video. Jim’s can supply your new pool light for you and we can even install it for a small additional charge. Call 131 546.

You can also visit Spa Electrics Website to checkout photo’s and more about their range.

Why halogen pool lights fail

Most inground pools were built with a pool light. After some time they would have failed. The main reason for failure is the bulb. If they are not used regularly or a small amount of moisture gets inside the light they fail. You can replace bulbs but you are opening the light up completely to do this. If you do decide this is the path you are taking then you should also replace any o-rings that help seal the light from moisture. If your light continues to fail we suggest moving to an LED Pool Light. They have amazing colour and generate a large amount of light. They also last a lot longer than traditional pool lights and you never have to change a bulb.

Editors note: Checkout the amazing LED Pool Light gallery at Spa Electric