Parkwood Village is a local resident community of over 500,000, all with access to the Club’s large mix of sport and family activities from dining to golf. Recently, Parkwood Village announced the installation of one of the world’s largest Wave Pools, to be completed in 2023. They announced they would be adding around $200 million to use for the development of the community by expanding hospitality, medical and commercial services, a new 200-bed hotel as well as residential apartments.


The highlight of this development will be the Endless Surf pool, offering the best spot to surf some waves while enjoying the stunning view of the community. The managing director and founder of Parkwood, Luke Altschwager, says that this new technology can create customised repeatable waves which will revolutionise the sport.


Gold Coast Wave Pool Surf


“Endless Surf represents the most cutting-edge surf technology today, offering an authentic vibe in an attractive and welcoming setting, while providing great, flexible waves for all types of surfers – which is why we’ve chosen Endless Surf. Plus, it is a family run company with an approach to business much like ours, driven by a sense of purpose to provide the very best experiences that enhance lives.” Luke says.


Endless Surf brings the next generation of powerful, efficient and customizable waves for guaranteed stoke; backed by four decades of WhiteWater’s expertise in aquatic engineering and experience design. WhiteWater built its first surf pool in 1989 and it still operates today. Endless Surf takes that heritage and with expert wave designers enhanced the reliable pneumatic technology to create Endless rolling sets, designed for operational ease, flexibility, high capacity, and above all else, safety.


This new addition to the already fun packed Gold Coast area, will certainly anchor a whole new level of economic investment for Surfers Paradise, a name quite fitting for a wave pool of this caliber.


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