Never Worry About Your Pool Again with Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast

Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast Gives Local, Expert Attention to Your Swimming Pool and Spa

Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast understands the climate and conditions of the Sunshine Coast because we are local. Therefore, we know exactly how to care for and maintain swimming pools and spas on the Sunshine Coast. Don’t chance your pool to just any old pool care service, call in the real Sunshine Coast experts at Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast. We can do everything from recover your algae-ridden pool to showing you a range of personal pool training aids and elegant spa accessories.

Give Your Pool a Face Lift with Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast

Jims Pool Care at Sunshine Coast

Is your pool looking a little dull, cloudy or suffering from ugly stains? Then it’s time to really

clean it up and bring it back to life. Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast will really make your pool sparkle again by thoroughly checking your pool and all of your pool equipment. If your pump is tired or algae have taken a stronghold, your local Jim’s expert will pinpoint the problem and rectify it no time. Your pool will be sparkling and your family will be splashing about safely and happily.

Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast Will Take Care of Your Swimming Pool and Spa No Matter What

Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast is here for you no matter what sort of issues you may be encountering with your swimming pool and spa. Just take a look at the great range of services that Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast offers:

  • Cleaning, maintenance and servicing of both residential and commercial swimming pools and spas.
  • One-off pool cleans.
  • Problem solving and equipment breakdowns.
  • Onsite water testing with a full detailed report.
  • Water balancing.
  • Pool Chemical supply.
  • Pool equipment sales, repairs and installation including:
    • pool pumps
    • pool filters
    • pool heating options: solar, gas electric
    • salt water chlorinators
    • automatic chlorine dosers
    • ozonators
    • automatic pool cleaners
  • Pool heating options: gas, solar, electric
  • Pool blankets, rollers and covers
  • Inflatables, leisure products and training aids
  • Green pool restorations
  • Stain removal
  • Pool Insurance work
  • Pre-settlement Pool inspections
  • Pool safety certificates and CPR signs
  • Pool handovers and maintenance education.

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Jim’s Pool care Sunshine Coast

Call Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast for a Thorough Pool Equipment Check

You may have been wondering why your pool water is always looking a little cloudy or just not sparkling like it used to be. Your pool will suffer if your equipment is not working to its optimum. So it sounds like it’s time to give Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast a call and have your Jim’s Pool Care expert check out all of your pool equipment and make sure everything is in good working order.

Jim’s pool Care Sunshine Coast will check everything from your pool pump, to your filters to your chlorinators to your automatic pool cleaners. You’ll be swimming happily in pristine water knowing that the water is clean and safe for your entire family.

From pool equipment repairs and replacement to just good old fashioned service – Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast takes care of everything swimming pool and spa related.

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Jims Pool Care Sunshine Coast

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