Looking After Your Pool Is Simple with Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads

Never Stress Over Your Pool Again – Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads Can Do It All for You

Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads just loves to help the people of Tweed Heads with pool care

Including services like:

  • Regular swimming pool and spa maintenance
  • One-off pool cleans
  • Green pool recovery
  • Pool pump repairs and advice
  • New major brand pumps
  • Pool products form Jim’s mobile pool shop Tweed Heads
  • All chemicals, spare parts and pool related equipment
  • Pool safety certificates and CPR signs
  • Automatic, robotic and suction pool cleaners

Going Green and Don’t Know What to Do? Call Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads

Sometimes it’s easy to ignore your pool – the weather may be a little cool or you have just been too busy to notice – but there it is, the lurking green and how do you now bring it back to clean?

That’s the easy part – call in Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads.

Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads thoroughly understands why your pool can turn green and what’s more we know the most effective ways to cure your pool quickly. Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads arrives with everything on board our mobile pool shop to start work on your pool immediately. Your pool could be turning green for a number of reasons:

  • When algae and other contaminants build up, your pool eventually turns green. The worst of it is that algae just keeps growing if you’re not attacking the problem head on.
  • What about your chlorine? When the chlorine is low the algae grows. Chlorine can be low due to things like:
    • Faulty Equipment. If your pump is malfunctioning and the proper balance of chemicals may not be being dispensed and that can encourage algae to appear.
    • Stagnant Pool: Make sure you are running your pump for the correct amount of time to distribute the chemicals evenly throughout your pool.
    • Warmth: Algae loves heat and Tweed Heads can get hot. If your pool is getting a lot of sun talk to Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads about how you can keep the dreaded algae at bay.

Phosphates are an excellent food source for algae, so ask Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads to test and treat your water against phosphates.

You Want to Be Sure Your Pool Complies with NSW Safety Standards, Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads is Authorised to Assist

Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads is authorised to carry out complete safety inspections and issue you with your pool safety certificate. We’ll inspect things like:

  • An automatic self-closing gate in good working order
  • CPR signs in full visibility
  • Your pool fence:
    • At least 1200mm high
    • 900mm clear boundary
    • Non-climbable area of 900mm around the outside boundary, including any trees, pots, tables, chairs, bricks, ladders etc.
    • No gaps greater than 100mm under you fence

Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads really cares about your safety and can issue you with your Pool Safety Certificate on the spot. We also carry CPR certificate right on board our mobile pool shop.

Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads is here to take care of your every swimming pool and spa need. Call us now.