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Pool Cleaner and RoboticDon’t Know What Pool Cleaner Is Best for Your Pool, Jim’s Pool Cleaning Experts Will Visit with the Answers.


Keeping your pool clean without a good pool cleaner that suits the volume and design of your pool, can really be classified as an impossible task. You’ve got your leaves falling – particularly if you are in a very treed area and have branches falling over your pool. You may be in a particularly windy and dusty area or you may just have a problem with too many bugs. All pools need to be kept clean – but as you can see, there is not a simple one-pool-cleaner-for-all solution.


Jim’s Pool Care Has a Range of Pool Cleaners from Suction to Automatic to Robotic.


Like we said, it depends on your pool, but you should always be wary of cheaper imitations and know that the pool cleaner you are buying is going to do the job you want it to – and that is to keep your swimming pool and spa sparkling clean always. Jim’s Pool Care believes that your pool maintenance should be as easy as possible, and a very good option to do this is to choose a robotic swimming pool cleaner.


See Jim’s Wide Range of Robotic Pool Cleaners

Pool Cleaning Robot


Astral, Maytronics and Zodiac – some of the most trusted names in robotic pool cleaners and Jim’s Pool Care stocks all of these brands. But there’s more to it than simply picking up the phone and ordering your new robotic cleaner. Jim’s friendly pool care experts will be at your door in no time with a range of cleaners for you to peruse. Jim’s pool care experts will inspect your pool and give you valuable advice on what cleaner is going to do the best job for your swimming pool and spa.

What Type of Pool Do You Have – In Ground or Above Ground?
Furthermore, is it:

  • Fibreglass?
  • Vinyl?
  • Concrete?
  • Gunite shotcrete?
  • Lap pool?
  • Plunge pool?

The construction, shape and design of your pool will make a big difference as to what type of cleaner is best suited to your pool. Once Jim’s Pool Care experts take a look at your pool they will steer you down the right path to the best cleaning options for ultimate ease and maintenance of your swimming pool and spa.


Need Advice on Your Current Pool Cleaner


Perhaps your current pool cleaner is up for repairs? Or maybe you are wondering whether it is even worth repairing? One friendly visit from Jim’s Pool Care and your questions will be answered. Jim’s expert technicians will advise you on the status of your pool cleaner and talk about whether repairing it is an option – particularly if it is under warranty. So call in the Jim’s pool experts now and solve your pool cleaning problems.


For a great range of pool cleaners and robotic cleaners ask the experts at Jim’s Pool Care –there’s a mobile pool shop ready to come to you.

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