Pool cleaning robots are no longer science fiction, they are here and they work! Gone are the days when you had to manual vacuum all those leaves from the bottom of the pool, spending so much time and hurting your back a bit in the process. These days, a pool cleaning robot is the best cleaner you can get for your pool. It is really so much more convenient to simply drop a pool cleaning robot into your pool, especially when you consider having to fiddle around with all those hoses to get the vacuum going! 

But how do you know which cleaner is right for you? To go for a cheaper one to suit your budget, or are you better off spending that bit extra and getting a greater return on your investment? Let’s weigh up some of the best pool cleaning robot’s in the industry today, all of which are available from your local Jim’s Pool Care technician:

Exclusive Jim’s Pool Cleaning Robot by Dolphin

This exclusive Jim’s Pool Cleaning Robot has been designed for us by one of Australia’s leading robotic pool cleaning experts, Maytronics. This hardworking machine will clean your floor, wall and tile line within a matter of hours! It also comes with a 2 Year Warranty and 7-Day timer so you can be sure your pool will stay clean all year round! 

Vortex-Pro VX65 iQ

The latest game changer in the pool cleaning robot space is the brand-new Vortex-Pro VX65 iQ. This little robot will connect to the home Wi-Fi for remote access and control anywhere, anytime. The VX65 iQ is not only 4WD but also includes a lift system for easy removal from the water. 

Dolphin Supreme Robotic Pool Cleaner

This reliable pool cleaning robot can clean pools up to 10 m in length. With minimum investment, you can enjoy total pool floor cleaning plus wall cleaning! Advanced technologies will deliver precise scanning and total cleaning efficiency all the way to the water line, in minimal time and without any intervention. 

Some pools require specific pool cleaning robots, best suited for your style/size of pool. Give your local Jim’s Pool Care Expert a call today and we’ll come round and give you a free onsite inspection and quote! 

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