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Jim’s Pool Care provide a fast response to you for all pool equipment breakdowns.  We know the longer the problem is left, the more money it may cost you.

Once on site we can usually provide you a diagnosis of your equipment problem and suggest a number of solutionswith regards to repairing it, or presenting you a number of options on replacing your equipment.

DON’T WANT TO BUY ONLINE? Don’t as Jim’s Pool Care can provide all Major Brands of Pool Equipment…

Jim’s Pool Care has accounts with all major brands so we can provide you a solution that is specifically tailored to your pool and price range. Don’t risk buying online when you can deal directly with a Jim’s Pool Care technician who will meet you on site, at your pool and will give you complete peace of mind with your purchase.

We will clearly highlight the benefits and the warranty periods of all our pool equipment to ensure you are armed with information when making your purchasing decision.

We will then let you know the time frame and cost for us to install the product to give you complete confidence, the same confidence we have given thousands of our customers over the years.

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New Energy Efficient Pool Pump – SAVE $$$

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FREE Link to Energy saving Calculator

Depending on your electricity rates and running time of your pool equipment this pump can save around $330* per year on running costs up to around $700* per year depending on the size of the pump.
Speak to a Jim’s Pool Care technician to check your details*.

With AstralPool’s revolutionary variable speed DC motor technology the Viron P300 pump guarantees to save you up to 70% off the operating costs. Over the life of the Viron P300 pump, the energy savings will buy another two Viron pumps.

As well as saving you money the Viron P300 pump is designed to

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70%


  • Operate at 3 different speeds to cater for domestic installations


  • Perform 75% quieter than traditional pumps


  • Require less maintenance
  • Suitable for new and existing swimming pools.

Huge hair and lint bowl with 170mm wide and 230mm deep basket, 65mm and 50mm unions included and whisper quiet operation. Ramp on lid lock ring for easy removal and positive sealing. True carbon face mechanical seal.

Install a Viron P300 3 speed Pool Pump to power your filter pump and relax. Infinitely adaptable, these clever motors are kind to the environment and just as gentle on the hip pocket.

The Viron P300 Pump utilises a state of the art permanent magnet brush less DC motor controlled by advanced electronics to dramatically decrease operating emissions and noise levels.

Developed in Australia, the patented Viron motor is an example of world leading technology developed to meet today’s energy and environmental challenges.

Save money – Electricity is not getting cheaper…
Unlike conventional single speed motors, which routinely work at a maximum capacity, the Viron adapts to the task at hand.

The high energy efficiency of Viron results in a dramatic reduction in power consumption – saving 70% of ongoing operating costs. In fact, over the life of the Viron P300 pump, the energy savings will buy another two Viron Pumps.

Pool Pump Noise Reduction
The Viron P300 is dramatically quieter then conventional pool pumps. So quiet in fact, that it allows operation at times simply not feasible from other pumps.

When installed by an authorised Viron Pump installer, Viron offers even greater advantages:- Reduced chlorinator size, increased sanitiser stability, reduced wear and tear on other filtration plus more efficient cleaning of your sand filter all help your pool equipment last longer and reduce the lifetime operating costs of your pool.

Each Viron brushless DC motor is covered by a limited 3 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Developed in Australia, the patented Viron motor is an example of world leading technology developed to meet today’s energy and environmental challenges.