It’s a beautiful spring day and you wish your pool water was warm enough to swim. Get the most out of your investment and heat your pool.
The first question to ask yourself is when do you want to use your pool? Is it to extend the swimming season or on demand all year use?

There are 3 options to heat your swimming pool, Solar Pool Heating, Pool Heat Pump and Gas Pool Heater

Ensure you get professional advice about the best pool heating Option for your pool and budget. Call one of our Jim’s Pool Care Team for an onsite quote.

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Solar Pool Heating

Solar is the only form of responsible pool heating. It relies on the sun’s rays to heat your pool water. It is the most economical way to heat your pool. Solar panels or strips are installed on your roof and can be custom made to suit all roof shapes and sizes. With the addition of a pool blanket, the swimming season can be extended by 3-4 months.

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Jim’s Pool Care can correctly size your solar system to ensure pumps, flow rates and hydraulics are finely balanced. With a set and forget controller, your solar system will work at maximum efficiency leaving you in total control of run times and desired temperatures.


Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Heat Pumps are designed to heat your pool in a cost effective way without using gas. Powered by electricity, a heat pump works similar to an air conditioner but in reverse. Heat in the atmosphere is extracted and diverted to your pool water. Once the desired water temperature has been reached, the heat pump will slow down, saving on electricity costs. Sunshine is not required. A Heat pump will work in temperatures as low as 7 degrees. In most cases minimal plumbing is required to install. All that is needed is a 15 amp power socket. With new technology, the whisper quiet operation allows you to run the Heat pump anytime without disturbing your neighbours.

Astralpool Heat Pump

A Jim’s Pool Care technician will correctly size the heat pump based on your heating requirements and will have you up and running in no time.
Gas heaters provide on demand heating of your pool water. Turn the heater on when you wish to use the pool and turn off when commitments take you elsewhere. A swimming pool can be heated in a matter of hours, saving energy costs and lower greenhouse emissions. Natural gas is one of the cleanest and greenest fuels available.

Gas Pool Heating

Gas heaters are available in indoor or outdoor units. Installation is a simple process and can be connected to your existing filtration system. All that is required is a gas line and some additional plumbing. With various sizes available, Jim’s Pool Care will recommend an ideal unit based on temperature requirements and heat up times.
Jim’s Pool Care work with the best suppliers in the industry and guarantee workmanship on all installations and Pool Heating.gas-heating

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