Maintain Your Pool at Its Best with Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service Adelaide

Jim’s Pool Maintenance  Adelaide Looks After Every Aspect of Your Swimming Pool and Spa

Why slave over your swimming pool and spa when Jim’s pool maintenance service Adelaide can do it all for you on a regular basis. Jim pool maintenance service Adelaide can help you with:

  • Regularly checking your pool water balance
  • Checking all of your pool equipment
  • Making sure your pool pump is working correctly and that it is the right size for your pool
  • Adjusting your pool timer for maximum efficiency
  • An 85-point written inspection report.

What is the 85-Point Written Inspection Report Offered by Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service Adelaide?

Pool Maintenance Adelaide

Jim’s pool maintenance service Adelaide can come to your home and check out every aspect of your pool’s operation. Sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what is causing your pool to run inefficiently – Jim’s pool maintenance service Adelaide’s 85-point checklist covers:

  • Pool/spa pump
  • Solar pump
  • Filter
  • Salt water chlorinator
  • Automatic chlorine/acid doser
  • Lights
  • Automatic pool cleaners
  • Skimmer
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Other equipment

Within each of these categories a thorough inspection on all parts is performed from o-rings to valves to machine heads and vacuum plates. If there is a problem, no matter how small or big – Jim’s mobile pool shop will be right there to replace or repair any parts or equipment. Why mess around trying to solve these things yourself when Jim’s pool maintenance service Adelaide saves you the hassle?

Ensure Your Family’s Safety Year Round with Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service

Is your pool fence and gate maintained to the correct South Australian pool standards? Having Jim’s pool maintenance service Adelaide inspect your pool fence and gate regularly means you will be keeping in line with South Australian pool regulations. Jim’s experts will check for any climbable objects within 900mm of your pool fence including trees, fence rails, tables, pot plants, chairs, bricks, ladders, etc. that little ones could climb on to gain access to your pool. We’ll ensure your pool gate closes safely every time and inspect all other safety elements of your pool – issuing you then with your pool safety certificate.

Keep Your Water Well-Balanced with Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service Adelaide

Keeping the balance of your pool water is a major part of swimming pool and spa ownership, but it takes regular maintenance and often you do not have the time or even the inclination. That’s where Jim’s pool maintenance service comes in very handy with regular trips to your home to electronically test your water and return it to its correct balance. Set up a regular time for Jim’s pool maintenance service Adelaide to visit your home and balance your water, of course you can discuss any other swimming pool and spa problems you may be encountering with your Jim’s Pool Care expert at the same time.

Maintaining your swimming pool and spa to South Australian standards and for your family’s enjoyment is simple with Jim’s pool maintenance service Adelaide.