Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service Cairns Takes Care of Your Every Pool Need

Pool Maintenance Cairns

All Swimming Pools Need Regular Maintenance. Jim’s Pool Maintenance  Cairns is Ready to Help

Every Swimming pool and spa needs regular maintenance to stay clean and safe for all of your family to enjoy. Cairns climate can make the upkeep of your swimming pool and spa quite time consuming, but not so if you call on Jim’s pool maintenance service Cairns for regular maintenance of everything to do with your swimming pool and spa.

Look at Jim’s Pool Maintenance Cairns’ 85-Point Pool Maintenance Checklist

We are probably the most thorough pool maintenance experts you could find in the Cairns area. We check everything related to your swimming pool and spa. Broadly speaking we:

  • Check your pool and spa pump
  • Ensure all parts of your solar pump are working
  • Check your filter
  • Inspect your salt water chlorinator
  • Inspect your automatic chlorine/acid doser
  • Make sure your lights are in good working order
  • Check your automatic pool cleaners
  • Look at your skimmer
  • Examine your cleaning equipment
  • Make sure any other equipment is in perfect working order.

And within each of these services we check all working parts to make sure they are in good repair.

General Maintenance Includes Regular Servicing with Jim’s Pool Maintenance Cairns

Besides the 85-point check we offer a range of services that are designed to ensure your pool is maintained whether you are home or off on holidays. Jim’s Pool Maintenance Cairns can help you with:

  • General pool servicing such as water balancing
  • A regular pool cleaning service
  • Green pool recovery
  • Insurance claims and weather related issues
  • Holiday pool maintenance
  • Safety and pool fencing inspections.

Regular Checks of Your Pool Equipment with Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service Cairns

To ensure your pool is easy to care for we regularly check and maintain your pool equipment:

Cartridge Filters

  • Are any bands around it broken?
  • Are the grids dirty and discoloured in spite of vigorous cleaning?
  • Is the filter feel heavy even cleaning?

Your Jim’s pool maintenance expert Cairns will ask you when was the last time you replaced the filter? Never fear, if it needs replacing Jim’s expert will have one on board to replace it immediately.

Filter Housing O-Ring

Is it still fitting snugly or is it loose or stretched? Does the gasket have cracks or flat spots? If it needs replacing Jim’s pool maintenance Cairns can do it straight away from our mobile pool shop.

Pump Basket O-Ring

Is the O-ring cracked or does it have flat spots? Jim’s pool maintenance expert will check it out and replace it immediately, where necessary.

Pump Basket

Is your pump basket cracked or broken?… then it is probably time to replace it. Jim’s pool maintenance service Cairns will have a replacement right on board our mobile pool shop.

Pressure Gauge

Jim’s pool maintenance service Cairns will check your gauge and replace it where necessary with the gauge for your pump.

Skimmer Basket and Lid

It is really important to make sure your skimmer basket and lid are in excellent repair to avoid any accidents that could occur through someone stepping on it. Ask Jim’s pool maintenance service Cairns to check it out and replace it where necessary.

Ultimate fun in your pool year round is easy with Jim’s pool maintenance service Cairns.