Pool Owners Take Note – Jim’s Pool Maintenance Wollongong is Here for Local Regular Pool Maintenance

Why Make Your Pool and Spa a Burden When Your Local Jim’s Pool Maintenance Wollongong Is at the Ready to Help You on a Regular Basis

Keeping up with the cleaning and maintenance of your pool is a big ask when you think about it:

  • How’s your water balance?
  • What sort of condition is your pool equipment in?
  • Is your pool pump the right size?
  • How safe is your pool?
  • Is your filter clean?

These are just some of the issues facing Wollongong pool owners every day. By calling in Jim’s pool maintenance service on a regular basis you can rest assured that all of your pool issues will be managed by local Wollongong pool experts.

Order an 85-Point Inspection Plan from Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service Wollongong

If you have any concerns at all about your swimming pool and spa – or simply for peace of mind, call Jim’s pool maintenance service Wollongong for our exclusive 85-point inspection plan. That means we check everything from pool pumps to pool cleaners, from pool lights to salt water chlorinators. Just look at the comprehensive job that we do when checking your pool lights:

  • Transformer
  • Fuse
  • Terminal Block
  • Light Assembly
  • Lens
  • Wall rings

Then we’ll leave you with a comprehensive report and of course we can fix anything then and there from our fully stocked mobile pool shop. No matter what issues you may have with your pool, we’ll pinpoint them – one or all – during Jim’s 85-point pool inspection. You’ll receive a full written report so that you will know exactly the condition of your swimming pool and spa.

At Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service Wollongong, We Take Total Care of Your Pool

There are many reasons to call on Jim’s pool maintenance service Wollongong. You may need help while you’re on holidays, your pool just may need a good clean-up or perhaps you have suffered severe weather conditions. Your pool may have slipped into slime and you need our green pool recovery service. Whatever you need, when we say maintenance we mean it at Jim’s pool maintenance service Wollongong.

Maintain Your Fence and Boundaries the Safe Way with Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service Wollongong

You want peace of mind knowing that your pool is safe for your family and neighbourhood children. Jim’s pool maintenance service experts are fully authorised by NSW government standards to check your pool for safety and then issue you with a written safety certificate. What’s more, during Jim’s regular maintenance visits we can always check your pool gate to  ensure it is closing safely and also make sure nothing has been left lying around your pool fence that could tempt young children to climb up and over, into your pool. We also carry on board Jim’s mobile pool shop Wollongong, authorised CPR signs that are mandatory around your pool. Jim’s pool maintenance service Wollongong thinks of everything.

Pool care and maintenance couldn’t be easier with Jim’s swimming pool and spa maintenance service Wollongong. Call Jim’s now.