Is Your Pool Pump Trying to Tell You Something?

Pool owners all over Cairns need to be aware of the working order of their pool pumps to ensure that swimming pools are always kept clean and the dreaded algae never gets a chance to take over.

My Pool Pump is Leaking and Making a Strange Noise.

This is a complaint received frequently at Jim’s Pool Care Cairns. Jim’s pump repair service in Cairns is fully equipped to handle this problem with a range of parts, new pumps and expert advice.

Pool Pump Repair CairnsThe Power Switch on Our Pool Pump is Broken.

Depending on the type of pool pump you are talking about here, this problem can usually be easily solved by replacing the switch or control panel. Jim’s pump repair Cairns will fully inspect and assess the current status of your pool pump and make the right recommendations accordingly.

My Pool Pump is Not Pumping Chlorine.

This is just another one of the common problems with swimming pool and spa pumps. When Jim’s Pool Care Cairns calls out to your home to inspect your pump, you will receive some of the best advice available in Cairns. If your pump is still under guarantee, Jim’s pump repair service can help you with all warranty work on major brands.

Is your old pool pump worth fixing?

Whilst Jim’s Pool Care Cairns will do absolutely everything possible to repair and recondition your old pool pump, sometimes it just makes far better sense, both economically and logistically, to replace your old pump. You may find the parts are obsolete or the housing is cracked beyond reason.

If the warranty has expired and your old pool pump is chewing through power like there’s no tomorrow, then by weighing up the fors and againsts, chances are you’ll realise that the smart option is to replace your old pool pump with a smarter and energy efficient new pump.

Jim’s Pool Care Cairns stocks a great range of major brands and can advise you on the best choice for your type of swimming pool and spa.

Is Your Automatic Pool Cleaner Doing its Job?

An automatic pool cleaner is a great way to help keep your pool clean everyday, but is your current pool cleaner up to the task? Have a think about it, your pool cleaner is bombarded with the hot Cairns sun and tropical conditions day-in-day-out. Not only this,it is continually immersed in chlorine and in the harsh climes of Cairns automatic pool cleaners can rack up over 1,000 km a year – it’s a pretty rough life for the hard working cleaners.

Contact Jim’s Pool Care Cairns, we’re only too happy to visit and offer skilled advice on your current pool cleaner. Jim’s Pool Care Cairns can also show you an excellent range of suction, pressure and robotic pool cleaners – all trusted brands, fully guaranteed.

Get Your Pool Pumping Clean, Jim’s Pool Pump Repair Service in Cairns is Always Ready with the Right Advice, Excellent Service and a Comprehensive Range of Products.



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