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We sell the full range but what is the best pump for you pool?  Simple, give us a call and we will come and tell you all the information you need to know to make an informed decision.

Jim’s Pool Care have access to all the pool pump brands and we have an opinion on most of them.

One of our preferred suppliers is Astral, and they have a range of Energy efficient pool pumps that will suit any small, large, commercial or residential swimming pool. They are designed and manufactured with quality components with amazing warranties on every product.


Jim’s Pool Care will visit you onsite
and discuss the best options for your pool based on price, YOUR pool environment and product warranties.

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STOP:  Do not buy a pool pump just because it is BIG or because it is CHEAP. You need to  buy the correct pump for your pool based on the size of your pool AND the existing equipment you have at your site. Do not be tricked into buying a big, powerful and cheap pool pump because it may not be what you need.  Speak directly to a pool professional and ideally get someone onsite to look at your entire pool setup and environment.

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Huge Range of Astral Pool Pumps, Salt Chlorinators & Pool Filters to choose from

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Energy Efficient Swimming Pool Pumps – See how much you can save below!

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A Jim’s Pool Care Technician can come out on site to discuss what is best for your pool and your budget but below is some information on energy saving pool pumps.

Viron eVo P320 Pool Pump

This energy efficient pool pump is saving customers hundreds of dollars each year on their electricity bill.

Ideal for the average sized pool, the P320 eVo pool pump has a flow rate sufficient to back wash up to 30″ or 800mm diameter sand filters, provide a powerful vacuum when cleaning the pool and drive up to 6 spa jets.
* 8 star energy rating
* Reduced Co2 missions
* Quiet pump operation
* Longer equipment life
* Customers can save to up $700.00 per year (pending running times and pool size)

The large liquid crystal display clearly shows the RPM of the motor and enables adjustment of the start up priming time, priming flow rate, and visual display of each speed setting. The inbuilt 24 hour timer is easily enabled and provides up to four time periods each day with different speed settings to provide the perfect flow rate for your pool.  To find out more about the Astral Viron P320 Pool Pump visit the Astral Website or contact our team.


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Davey Silensor Pool PumpCertified Viron EVO Astral Pool Installer

Viron p320 Pool Pump has won a recent environmental Award

Viron p320 Pool Pump Award Winner

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Super Quiet & Energy Efficient

Davey’s NEW Silensor ECO range offers you fantastic energy efficiency and runs whisper quiet. With a 6 STAR energy efficiency rating, Davey’s renowned and market leading pool pump is now not only ideal for your backyard, but better for the environment as well.

With two models to choice from Silensor ECO series has smaller pools covered whilst still able to handle larger residential sizes. Davey Silensor ECO series pool pumps are super quiet, reliable and deliver high performance for the pool owner. Using a unique water-silenced motor design means that running the Davey Silensor ECO at any time of night will not only allow for off-peak power usage, but help keep the neighbours happy.


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Viron eVo P600 Pool Pump for larger pools and flow rate

The Astral Viron P600 eVo pool pump incorporates an in built time clock and 4 timer periods for each day. This energy efficient pool pump can save you hundreds of dollars a year in a residential environment and thousands of dollars per year in a commercial pool(running 24 hours per day). A different pump speed can be saved to each timer period allowing the ultimate in flexibility.

* High flow rates suitable for pool in-floor cleaning, spa jets and water features
* 8 Star Energy Rated
* Can save up to $1,000 per year on energy costs.
* Customers can save over $7,000 on energy costs over the life of the pump
* Quiet pump operation
* Longer equipment life

The P600 eVo incorporates electronic power factor correction which provides even further reductions in power consumption, even on maximum pump speed. Special pool applications such as in floor pool cleaning or programming water features are enabled using the time clock and speed selection for different times of day. This is a truly great pool pump. To find out more about the Astral Viron P600 Pool Pump visit the Astral website or contact one of our team.

Viron eVo P320 Pool pumpViron
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