With Winter on the way and the cold weather keeping you from enjoying your pool, why not use this time to give your pool a fresh new look. Swimming Pool renovations have become so common now that there are many specialists in the field. It has never been easier to renovate your pool, and thanks to modern materials and new equipment, a pool can be restored to its former glory in only a month or two ready for teh next swimming season.

How much is a swimming pool renovation?

This is a great question and is up to you to think about.  Have a good look at your outdoor area and your pool.  For just the pool surface or liner it could be around $8000.  For an entire renovation of the pool, pool area and equipment it could be $20-$50k.

When most people think of getting their pool renovated, they just think of getting a new interior finish. But did you know that you can also upgrade to a modern filtration system, improve the surrounding area of your pool including the waterline tiles, or increase the size of your pool and add a spa. There are many options depending on your needs and the condition of your current pool.

So what renovation options are available? That depends on what condition your current pool is in.  But take note of the key focus areas so when you engage a contractor to quote on your renovation you do not miss anything.

Here are some focus areas:

  • The Pool Surface
  • The Pool Coping, paving and tiling
  • Do you want a new waterline tile?
  • Is there decking or an extra area you want to build around your pool?
  • Does your pool equipment need an upgrade?
  • Do you want swimming pool heating?
  • How is the pool fence?  Do you want to change some or all of it to glass?




Concrete Pool Renovation

If you have a concrete pool, one option is to remove the existing pool lining and apply an enhanced colour quartz render, which adheres to the concrete walls. Another option is to tile or paint the pool, giving you a brand-new interior look.


Vinyl-Lined Swimming Pool Renovation

Another option for renovating your pool is to insert a vacuum fitted vinyl lining, which is tailor made to fit your existing pool. With vinyl linings, having it tailor made to suit your individual pool is a popular and routine process which is used for both new and old pools. It can also suit any shape or size.


Fibreglass and Second-hand Pools

There is basically no limit to the cosmetic changes that can be mad to older fibreglass pools. You can renovate the interior finish, waterline tiles, copings and the surrounds. Although, you may also want to consider purchasing a second-hand fibreglass pool. Even though they are second-hand, they are normally refurbished with a new gelcoat before been installed into your property.


How much is a pool equipment upgrade?

As well as having the lining upgraded on your pool, you may decide to update your filtration system. Having an old filtration system can mean more work for you so a new one will save you time and allow you to enjoy your pool more. Also, modern filtration systems are more advanced and can be successfully installed into most types of older pools.

If you allow at least $2000 for a basic system upgrade up to $10,000 for more advanced systems.  A key item customers are including is an energy saving pool pump, so ask about those. They cost around $1800 but can save you up to $600 per year every year on your bills.



It is up to you as the pool owner

No matter its condition, your pool can be renovated. All you need to consider is the type of renovation technique you want and the cost. It is also important to consider the expertise of your renovator. Swimming Pool renovations can be easy if you pick the right expert and if you obtain several quotes based on the renovation method you choose and the amount of work that needs to be done.


The popularity of pool renovations means there are now many options for owners of older pools. You can breathe life into your old pool or have your pool remade into a new shape and size. Whatever your needs, there is an option for you.


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