Jim’s Pool Service Tweed Heads is the Answer to Your Pool Service Needs

Jim’s Pool Service Tweed Heads Knows Tweed Heads Pools and Will Come to You with the Right Service and Advice

BODY COPY: Swimming pool and spa owners often have questions about the cleaning and maintenance of their pools:

  • Why does my pool keep going green?
  • Why does my pool water always seem to be cloudy?
  • What’s the best way to take care of my filter?
  • Why is the chlorine never at the correct balance?
  • How long should I run my pump for?
  • Is a salt chlorinated system better than a traditional system?

Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads not only has all of the answers, we can also fix all of the problems for you in no time.

Pool Cloudy? Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads Can Fix It.

It could be the filter, worn out pump parts or just the balance of chemicals. Jim’s pool service can be there pronto to get to the source of the problem and fix it.

Green to Clean with Jim’s Pool Service Tweed Heads

We’ll find out what’s causing the build up of algae – it could be stagnant water, heat, phosphates, faulty equipment; whatever the problem we’ll find it and get your pool back to sparkling quickly.

Caring for your filter, that’s Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads’ forte

Whether you have a sand, cartridge or DE filter – it must be properly cleaned and maintained, your Jim’s pool service expert can show you exactly how to do this – or we can do it all for you.

Chemicals? Jim’s Pool Service Tweed Heads Has the Perfect Balance

Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads will electronically test your water onsite and then supply and apply the correct balance of chemicals to ensure safe swimming. We will also leave you with a full report.

Jim’s Pool Service Tweed Heads – the Pump Experts

Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads has all of the answers when it comes to your pump – how long to run it, is it working properly and is it doing the best job possible. Just contact Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads for these and many more answers.

Chlorine versus non-chlorine – what is the answer?

There is a lot to be said for a salt water chlorinator. It’s cheaper, it’s automatic and it acts as a natural water softener. It also helps to prevent algae as it lasts a lot longer than regular chlorine, but if you are unsure about what to use in your pool then talk to your expert at Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads.

From Safety to All Round Pool Maintenance Jim’s Pool Service Tweed Heads Has It All Wrapped Up

Whether you are looking for a safety certificate that complies with your state regulations, a one-off pool clean, ongoing maintenance or a selection of pool related products – Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads can help with absolutely anything to do with your swimming pool and spa. Remember, it’s all on board Jim’s mobile pool shop Tweed Heads.

Call Jim’s pool service Tweed Heads for the answers to all your pool needs as well as top Tweed Heads service for your swimming pool and spa.