As the winter months fade into spring, you likely have one question on your mind: when will it be warm
enough to swim? You enjoy nothing more than a lazy day in the water, but you’ll need to clean your pool
before you can go for a dip. And if you want to use your pool throughout the summer, you’ll need to perform
regular maintenance on it as well.

When you schedule a pool service from Jim’s Pool Care, we can have your pool clean and functioning in no

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Take Advantage of Our Pool Services

After the off season, your pool is likely filled with leaves, bugs and other debris. Or perhaps the water
is so cloudy that you can’t see the bottom. Whatever the case, your pool likely requires a lot of

To better preserve your pool’s condition, our technicians perform the following services:

  • Comprehensive water analysis
  • Chemical balancing and supply
  • Pool cleaning
  • Green pool restorations
  • Pool stain removal
  • Parts repair and installation (including filters, heaters, chlorinators and pumps)

As a mobile pool shop, we bring our supplies and equipment directly to your home. We also use the latest
technology to ensure that you and your loved ones can swim safely.

At Jim’s, we believe in educating our customers on proper pool care. To help you maintain your pool after
we leave, our staff members will train you on the above techniques.

Rely on Our Expertise

We have served residents in Australia for over 20 years, so we understand how much you value fast and
efficient service. Whether your pool needs a routine inspection or an in-depth cleaning, you can trust our
certified technicians to do the job to your satisfaction.

Get in Touch With Jim’s

Don’t wait until it’s too late to care for your pool. To schedule one of our maintenance services, call us
on 131 546. You can also use our convenient 
online form
 to book a pool service.


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