Why is it important to check your salt levels in your pool? Salt is required in pools that run a Salt Water Chlorinator. The salt in the water acts as a conductor to enables a process called electrolysis to take place and chlorine is produced.  Each hour your Salt Chlorinator runs it produces chlorine for you and not only does it allow for a well-balanced pool and healthy pool water, but it also allows chlorine to work at its fullest potential due to a smaller continued does, rather than larger random does as with manual dosing. If you have a Salt Chlorinator dosage system, it is important to understand what the correct level of salt should be for your pool. This level will allow the chlorinator to do its job, produce the right amount of chlorine and fight off algae and bacteria. Some systems if the Salt is too low the system may shut off the ‘Cell’ and while it may run, no chlorine will be produced. Another issue with low salt can be the increased pressure put on your cell to produce chlorine which can generate extra heat and reduce the life of your equipment.

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