You love your pool, right? It is a feature of your outdoor living area and you want it to always look its best, even through winter.

Imagine your pool glistening through those sunny winter day garden parties and just providing the pool view that you love when sitting in your sunroom enjoying the outlook to your backyard.

Green Pool Cleaning in Cairns

Keeping your pool clean through the colder months makes a lot of sense in so many ways. A neglected pool that gathers algae and turns the dreaded shade of green, is only going to cost you more to clean up for the warmer months, with green pool recovery costs ranging between $350-$800. By getting a Jim’s Pool Care Technician on-board all-year-round, you are going to find your pool care not only more economical, but it will be ready to dive into the minute the sun powers up.


Covering your pool is another option and Jim’s Pool Care can help you with some very efficient and hardy pool covers, however if you’re thinking of rounding up the outdoor heaters and inviting friends and family around for a winter feast, then you’ll want to make sure your pool is putting on its sparkling best face.

A Jim’s Pool Care Technician can take care of everything, from reducing your filter-running time, keeping your pH and chlorine levels right and cleaning your skimmer on a regular basis as well as taking care of vacuuming requirements.

In Australia we are lucky not to experience heavy snow-falls and frozen waterways. Depending on where you live you may only experience a few months of cold, or further south it can be more. Remember you have the option of heating your pool through Jim’s Pool Care, this will extend your swimming season. The good thing is, no matter where you live in Australia, there’s a Jim’s Pool Care Technician ready to help keep your pool sparkling all year round.

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Why not try a regular pool maintenance program?

Remember, shutting your pool down is not necessarily the best option financially, environmentally or aesthetically – talk to your nearest Jim’s Pool Care professional about your winter choices and find out how we can keep your pool looking great right through winter. Call us on ph:131546 or book using our Online Booking Form.