By James Lunnay

I have been lucky enough to be involved in the Swimming Pool Industry for 30yrs. During this time I have worked in both Commercial Swimming Centres as a Lifeguard, Swimming Instructor and Centre Manager. I now primarily work in Domestic Pools to help Maintain and educate home users how to best look after their pools.

It is during this time I have come across what I believe are 6 Essential Tools that every pool owner should have

  1. A current CPR chart.

    Unfortunately, as much as pools are great fun, enjoyable and allow you to spend valuable time with your Family. They can also be quite dangerous. Especially for young children. A current CPR chart allows anybody to follow the simple steps outlined which, can be invaluable in a time of need. Also ensure you gate self closes and latches firmly.

  2. A Compliant Pool Fence.

    Check your fence regularly to ensure that it is in good working order.

    1. The gate closes and latches from any position.
    2. Fence is in good order. Min 1200mmm high, Gaps between panels <100mm
    3. Your local Council or SPASA can provide you with a simple sheet which outlines the requirements for your fencing needs
  1. Pool Water Testing equipment.

    We all love to enjoy going in for a dip and the water looks fine, but is it really? All pool owners should test their pool every week. Jim’s Pool Care can put you onto a regular service program but if you want to do it primarily yourself this is what you need.
    This simple testing procedure can be done in under 5minutes and will allow you to make any necessary change to your water balance. A simple test kit will allow you to test for:

    1. Total Alkalinity
    2. Ph
    3. Chlorine
    4. Your pool service technician can then do a more substantial water test for you every month for total peace of mind
    5. Also remember that your off the shelf home test kit should have its test reagents replaced yearly.
  2. Leak rake and broom.

    These simple items allow you to quickly remove any leaves or debris from your pool.. A simple brush over your pool once a week with your broom ensures that any dust or debris does not settle and then turn in to the dreaded algae

  3. Pool Cleaner. Either a suction cleaner or Robotic Cleaner.

    A daily/weekly run over of your Pool with these cleaners can save you valuable hours having to clean the pool manually yourself. Although we would still recommend you give it a manual clean once a month as well. Your Jim’s Pool Care Service technician can do this for you if you want or any local pool company if we are not in your area.

  4. Decent Working Pool Equipment.

    Having a well looked after Pump and Filtration system is essential to any pool. Without this your pool will just become a swamp. Add to this a good quality Salt Chlorinator or Automatic dosing system will ensure that your pool is dosed on a daily basis rather than once a week or when it is going cloudy. There are great benefits to your pool in having a automated chlorine dosing system so give Jim’s Pool Care a yell if you want to know more. POOL FILTER CLEANING


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