We love to participate in regular training, to keep up to date with the latest Pool Cleaning Technologies, with some of Australia’s top pool equipment suppliers. At a recent session with SPASA, some of our Pool Care Experts looked at a few common issues and learned some great skills to help assist our customers with the latest technology.




14 franchisees attended the SPASA WA Headquarters in Belmont for an off season training session with Fluidra where we:


  • Deep dived in to EQ platform
  • Reviewed maintenance & upselling opportunities
  • Quickly look at Supplementary UV sanitisation
  • Review Fluidra’s Good Better Best Mineral Opportunity including, Element, MagnaPool and Aquatherpe.


The most engaging session was the EQ platform where we explored the technical side of best practices for maintenance and repairs.


Two interesting points to come out of the EQ session were:


  • Resetting the low salt setting when replacing with a new cell. To do this you need to log into the secret menu which Fluidra will provide when required.


  • UV degradation of the display panel if in direct sunlight. Suggestion is to cover the panel to prevent this from occurring. It will either be a failed backlight or the display panel has failed. To help determine what has failed shine a light onto the display and if you can see the readings then it is the backlight that has failed and an easy fix apparently. If the display has failed it may be covered under warranty.


To find out more about UV light filtration visit our UV Santizers Blog.


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