Springtime is Pool Prep Time – Are You Ready for the Long Hot Summer?

Summer is right around the corner and you want to make sure your pool is sparkling clean and swim-season ready.

What could be better than diving into your own glistening clean pool on a hot summer’s day? The warmer weather is rapidly approaching, and to make sure you are going to get the best out of your pool it is best to prepare now. Your Jim’s Pool Care Technician has all the know-how, equipment and products to ensure your pool is looking it’s absolute brightest and safe for the whole family to enjoy.

Making sure your pool is going to survive another summer of heat, takes more than a little chlorine and cleaning out the skimmer basket. At Jim’s Pool Care we will check that all your pool equipment is in good working order. That means checking the pump, the pool filters, heating, salt water chlorinators, automatic pool cleaners and more. We are ready to conduct any maintenance needed such as lubricating the o-rings, changing the sand in sand-filters, replacing cartridges and broken baskets – whatever it takes to get your pool ready to dive into, we’re here for you – and that includes ensuring your CPR sign is up-to-date and legible.

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Spring Pool Tips

  1. Ensure your swimming pool timers are increased to 6 or 8 hours per day and clean sand and cartridge filters regularly
  2. If you own a pool cover take it off weekly for a visual check and test the water to ensure it is safe and not going green.
  3. Check that your pool is always clear of leaves and that the pump and skimmer baskets are kept clean
  4. As your swimming pool temp rises so does chlorine demand. You will have to turn up your salt chlorinator or chlorine doser output through until Autumn.
  5. Before diving in after a prolonged break ensure you get the water electronically tested by a professional to ensure all is safe and ready for swimming.
  6. If you want an extended season, think about getting a pool heating or pool blanket quote to help you get the most from your pool. You will be swimming sooner in the season.
  7. Consider regular monthly pool maintenance. The cost for a full service is as little as $70 per month, depending on your city, and this gives you peace of mind and your time back.

Need a hand with your pool in Spring then let us help

Every Jim’s Pool Care Technician is thoroughly trained in every aspect of pool maintenance and our work is backed by a 100% guarantee. You may have let your pool go over winter and it has taken on an ugly shade of green. We are experts at green pool recovery and will have your pool sparkling clean in a very short space of time, just chat to your Jim’s Pool Care Technician.

No matter what state your pool is in after the winter months – whether it needs a lot of work or just a freshen up – Jim’s Pool Care is here to help. Our mobile pool shops provide everything you need for your pool enjoyment throughout the summer months – so call Jim’s Pool Care now and get your pool looking it’s very best for this swimming season.

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