Looking for an impressive Robotic Pool Cleaner that can save you time in your pool cleaning duties? Introducing the new EvoluX iQ! This Robot Pool Cleaner comes with the latest technology, such as the new Nav System. Basically, this Nav System is a sensor within the EVOLUX iQ which automatically identifies the configuration of your pool, optimizing its efficiency with tasks such as the best possible cleaning path and cleaning time.


The renowned cyclone has an extremely powerful and long-lasting suction that guarantees excellent performance. It also comes with a patented Lift System, EVOLUX iQ is designed to be lighter when it needs to be removed from the water. Not high tech enough? Well, did you know you can now operate your cleaner wherever you are, at any time, with the easy-to-use smart interface of the iAquaLink App. This Robot Pool Cleaner really does have all the latest gadgets and technology. EVOLUX iQ can also be upgraded at your preference thanks to optimizations and automatic remote updates.


Easy to Use

The renowned Lift System was designed to make the Robotic Pool Cleaner lighter and absolutely effortless when it comes to removing it from the water. It also features an easy to access filter and clear visibility through a transparent window, this was all intended for the EvoluX iQ to be the easiest process for a pool cleaning experience.


Suction Efficiency

With an astonishing combination of constant power from its Patented Cyclonic Suction and a remarkable filtration system, the EvoluX iQ sets the example in the field for debris collection.


Customized Cleaning

Upgraded with a Sensor Nav System, the EvoluX iQ Robotic Pool Cleaner was designed to learn your pool’s configuration to provide an outstanding performance while performing tasks, such as efficient cleaning path learning and cleaning time. The new pressure sensor provides a remarkable wall climbing functionality and waterline clean, by carefully measuring the depth of the pool.


Intuitive App Navigation

Control and monitor with ease, the progress of the cleaning cycle at any moment and from any location, by using the clever interface of the iAquaLink application. The EvoluX iQ is constantly up to date by evolving with automatic remote feature updates.


Transparent Canister Window with LED Illumination

The LED light and crystal-clear transparent window makes emptying the debris filter easy to work with, as you can see inside with no difficulties, even while deeply submerged.


Large Capacity 100u Filter Canister

With an easy access and smart operating canister design, cleaning and removing debris can be done with no effort at all, making everything simple and fast.


Swivel Cable

The swivel mechanism is designed to avoid and prevent the cable getting tangled up while submerged, making this Robotic Pool Cleaner always reliable, ready to clean at any time.


If you would like to learn more today about this impressive Robotic Pool Cleaner, or organize a free on-site demo, give us a call today on 131 546 and we would be more than happy to assist.