Are you considering constructing or installing a new pool? This process can be overwhelming to say the least, with so many options and things to consider before getting started. In this article, we will cover the basics of what to expect so you can feel less overwhelmed during this exciting process.


Where will the Pool go?

Sunshine – Does the proposed area get a good amount of sunshine for sunbathing or is it quite shady due to trees and/or buildings?

Shade – Is there some shady areas so that there are sports where people can cool down?

Wind – Is it quite windy is in the proposed area, are things likely to get blown into the pool?

Vegetation – What kind of trees and shrubs are around the proposed area? This will affect the amount of leaves and bugs that end up in the pool.

Supervision – Is the pool close enough to the house so that parental supervision can easily take place from a comfortable position?


How Deep do you need the Pool?

To make a comfortable turn underwater while doing laps of the pool, without touching the bottom of the pool, you will need around 1.2 meters of water underneath you. Some pools are suitable for only 1 meter of water at the shallow end, and between 1.7 and 1.8 meters at the deep end. However, in recent years, deep ends of the pool have tended to be around 1.5 meters.


How Big is this pool going to be?

Not too long ago, there was a trend to have the biggest pool you can. However, today more pool owners are opting for pool sizes that fit their needs and budget, rather than trying to keep up with the latest fashion. The good thing about building your own pool is that you can choose what shape you want, so that it can fit in smaller or irregular backyards.


What is the Best Landscaping around the Swimming Pool

The landscaping around your pool will have a huge impact on the overall look of the pool area. It is always good to consider the types of plants you would like to use, what watering requirements they have, and what leaves they may drop, when designing the landscape. These choices will not only affect the overall appearance of the pool, but also how much maintenance time will be needed when cleaning the leaves and particles from the pool.



Water Elements

Just as with landscaping, a simple water feature can greatly enhance the overall appearance of a pool. Not only will it provide a nice visual focus point, but it can also provide a pleasant and relaxing sound. Things to consider here mainly come down to budget and design; namely, how much force the water will have, the volume of water and the distance the water will fall to reach the pool.


Pool Display Centers

Most fiberglass pool manufacturers will have their own display centers and we would highly recommend visiting one and having a look around. Not only will this help you gain some inspiration but it will also assist you in finding mistakes in your already made plans that perhaps you had not considered.


Getting a new pool is an exciting time but let us not forget that it can also be quite stressful. We hope this article has helped to relieve at least some of that stress for you, by preparing you for some of the decisions ahead. Remember, if you need a hand with anything related to your pool just give us a call on 131 546 and we will do our best to assist you in whatever way we can.


Happy swimming!


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